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Advanced Piano Digital Casio Celviano Digital Casio Celviano

Advanced Piano. The Celviano line of pianos has refined for the individuals who insist a legitimate terrific piano experience. Casio Celviano new conventional plan houses new stereo terrific piano sounds and upgraded “Ivory Touch” console. By means of another Tri- feeler spring-less 88 note scaled sled action, each distinction and point of interest of your execution is caught. Another 4-layer stereo awe-inspiring piano sound conveys a normal, meaningful and vibrant piano experience.

Sixteen Implicit Tones

The Casio Celviano piano characteristics sum of 16 inherent tones. With the capacity to layer two sounds. Split console bass sound. It’s integral SD card opening let you load and keep song documents and the double 20w speaker framework conveys a sound that will vibrate through your home. With 128 notes of polyphony, USB MIDI, two-part harmony Tone, 1/4″ sound yields. That’s the beginning. Celviano’s progressed engineering and sound will make the ideal add-on to any home.

Advanced Piano Casio Celviano

The condition of the workmanship top of the line computerized pianos created the sound source.
Straight Changing Aif – offers the whole range of genuine excellent piano tones from Pianissimo to Fortissimo. Without unexpected changes to the sound amid the moves. The touch and note replay conduct for the scaled sled consoles has made enhanced. The new “Tri-Sensor” idea makes even the most composite and tough playing systems conceivable.

The Celviano series of pianos has improved for those who need an authentic first-class piano experience. The new popular design houses unique stereo magnificent piano sounds and redesigned keyboard performance. Using a new Tri-sensor spring-less 88 notes scaled hammer performance, every nuance, and feature of your performance is achieved. A new 4-panel stereo first-class piano sound produces a natural, energetic and dynamic piano experience.

In addition, it can attach to the computer via USB without the necessity to install drivers.

Advanced Piano Casio Celviano

The AP-270s design is slim and easy to fit into the home, this Casio model has both style and substance. The latest update in the Celviano range. Building on the foundations that made the previous generation such a popular choice, the AP-270 doesn’t disappoint.

Digital Piano Casio Music Celviano

Digital Piano Casio Music Celviano

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