Category: Baby Diapers! Disposable Diapers

Product Brand: Pampers

Baby Diapers. Parents, wrap your baby with Pampers Swaddlers diapers the #1 choice of US Hospitals. Pampers Swaddlers diapers give comforts and protection to your baby. It has a Blankie Soft diaper to absorb-away wetness. The liner pulls wetness and messes away from baby’s skin to help keep your baby dry and comfortable. It includes a color indicator to let you know when your baby needs diapers to change. This design intends to flex with your baby on every move, soft and stretchy both sides.

On Pampers

  • Now available through 128 newborn, 216 size 1, 186 size 2, 177 size 3, 144 size 4, 124 size 5, 100 size 6
  • Pampers softest diaper ever
  • Color-changing wetness indicator- It has a yellow line that starts in the front of the diaper and goes to the back.
  • The #1 choice of hospitals* (*based on sales data)
  • Earn Pampers Rewards points with every Pampers you buy

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Category and Size: Baby Diapers Size 3

Supplier: Pampers

Category: Baby Diapers! Disposable Diapers

Product Brand: Huggies

Huggies Little Snugglers diapers best diaper for skin care. It features enhanced pocketed back waistband and DryTouch liner. This absorbs moisture when contact. Help keep your baby’s sensitive skin clean and fresh. Little Snugglers diapers include the baby in a smoother. Keep the baby comfortable, with breathable outer cover. It has double grip strips comfortable fit that lasts. Wetness Indicator to let the guardian the time for a diaper change. Fragrance-free, an added feature from Winnie the Pooh ideas.

On Huggies

  • Without Fragrance, none allergic reactions.
  • DryTouch liner receives moisture on touch to help baby keep dry
  • Wetness indicator changes color when it’s time for a fresh diaper
  • Double grip straps give a comfort fit for baby
  • Softer, breathable exterior cover keeps baby healthy

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Category and Size: Baby Diapers Size 3

Supplier: Huggies

Pampers Pros: Luxurious and soft for the baby skin. The strip indicator running thru the center of the diaper turns blue. This indicates when baby pee is full a signal to change a diaper. Good fit and fast delivery. Absorbent, no soggy dampness, no urine odor, and best of no leaks!

Huggies Pros: Soft on the babies sensitive skin. Superior fit, softness, and leak resistance. Has baby mess well!


Pampers Products Cons: Price fluctuates so much. Smell is too strong when wets. Leaving a white powder on babies back.

Huggies Products Cons: Velcro tabs can damage baby legs. Legs openings hung LOOSE on baby thighs. Differ from original products ordered to actual items delivered.
Final Words and Recommendation

Recommendation: Pampers


As a responsible and loving parent, your baby deserves by giving the best. Pampers agree to give your baby best diapers protection. Parents need products that offer a complete line of diapers and wipes. Products designated safe to grow with our baby. This includes protection, comfort, and health care. While at home till to their first day at kinder school.

Closing Statement

No parents want their baby protection is in uncertainty. They look the best products that offer security and protection. But sometimes parents end up with a poor experience after picking. This piece brings another way. I thought will guide parents to get the best for their children.

Being the parents you know the best for your children. Don’t compromise on a products price and quality. Buy the products you had the personal experience. Don’t count on a product when cheap. Investigate or gather more advice from your friend who has experience.

Baby Diapers

Lastly, parents have the final decision. Since a Pampers product fine for you. But for others not.

If you learned I missed a point or want to clarify. Please add it to comments.

Review of Baby Diapers : Pampers & Huggies