Baby Pushchair Neo Mobility Set

This Mobility Set comprises Concord Neo carriage and 2 coordinated tour set components. Baby Pushchair Mobility Set features comprise innovative independent wheel stoppage, center torsion stoppage, and Y-frame front axle. The handle parking brake engaged with one hand, the seat may use in both progressive and rear-facing situations.

Baby Pushchair Mobility Set

The Baby Pushchair Scout carrycot easy, effective and guarantees when linked to the recent frame for service as a convenient pushchair.

When not needed, may fold small in simple moves. Equip with handy folding dimensions. The perfect partner for today’s energetic parents. Secure Infant Transport the most lightweight infant transporter of its model, with Isofix accessory. It scales lighter than three kg, well taken and conveyed from car to carriage. The Baby Pushchair Neo Mobility set includes a rain cover and a sun cover. The universal rain cover may use both the Concord Scout or Baby Pushchair Air when fastened to the central Neo frame.

1. My Child Easy Twin Pushchair and two Carry Cots

My Child Easy Twin pushchair the ideal travel design result for your young kids! With so many useful features to My Child, Easy Twin gives a smart and sophisticated result to moving with two youthful kids.

2. Maxi -Cosi Dana For Two Pushchair

Moving out with two young ones couldn’t be simpler with Dana for two from-birth double pushchairs. The Dana for two from Maxi-Cosi can prepare two baby auto seats and even goes through most passages so the exact pushchair for twins or close-in-maturing youngsters.


The Dana for two provides perfect-in-class relief for two toddlers. It’s convenient from birth to 3.5 years. One or both seats can stretch out to a full-horizontal position using just one hand, freedom cocooning babies. Plus, traveling between roadway and car by connecting one or two Maxi-Cosi baby car seats.

Baby Jogger City Mini Double Pushchair and 2 Carry Cots Package – Crimson

Baby Pushchair Set

What’s unique this design?

To make basket access easier. The pole at the rear of the pushchairs has decreased by raising the bend in the piping. This Compact Baby Jogger City Mini Dual pushchairs includes free baby jogger city mini double rain cover. The hoods whole lined in a contrast color. Contrast piping has included in the foot well part. A single embroidered logo above wheels instead of two emblems.

The Baby Jogger City Mini Dual Pushchairs is a prominent representative of the Baby Jogger group. While not for sprinting, the Baby Jogger City Mini Dual pushchairs. Satisfies the great specifications of base quality Baby Joggers transport.

The weigh only 26 lbs or 11.7Kgs (fewer than most individual pushchairs). Less than 30″ wide, their ultra-solid, lightweight double pushchairs. Good attention, in a variety of sober colors and, is thus soft to go through populous thoroughfares. One of the moderate and most user-friendly double pushchairs.


Folding? We don’t expect an effortless folding twin pushchairs good from start handy everywhere! Grasp, raise and see it fold in half! in fewer than three seconds… You’ll never become annoyed with collapsing these pushchairs …

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Baby Pushchairs

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