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What is the best Power shot digital Canon camera for you?

Power shot digital cameras give Canon’s innovative technology and world-class optical devices. They designed and make photography a pleasure. Our digital camera technology includes superior quality, high portability, Wi-Fi®, waterproof features and more. We hope to inspire you to take the next step in a shoot and sharing special photos and movies. Our choice of compact digital cameras supports the best range of photography for any level whether beginners, advanced professional photographers.

Canon Camera G Series – The G-series cameras designed for advanced photographers. It allows unlimited creativity in a compact and convenient point-and-shoot camera with no extra lens. With HS and Intelligent IS systems, these digital cameras are ideal for shooting in low light. Full manual control of the digital camera and RAW method. It offers the same exceptional flexibility and performance as the Canon EOS digital SLR.
Canon Camera SX Series – They designed the SX series camera for advanced photographers or beginners looking for incredible optical zoom without using large lenses. As one of the most popular advanced digital camera series with excellent reviews of these digital cameras. The SX series offers superior optical zoom, full HD video, and high-speed shooting. It equips the SX Series with Canon’s High Sensitivity System (HS) or Image Stabilization (IS). To improve quality in low light conditions while helping to reduce noise.

Better Photographs

The cameras in this series have built-in Wi-Fi® and GPS. With built-in Wi-Fi, you can transfer images to social networking sites, PCs via the CANON iMAGE GATEWAY1. May uploads to the camera window anywhere from your iOS® or AndroidTM device by downloading the Canon app for free2. The built-in GPS3 will mark your photos and record your journey.

Senior photographers or beginners will love the technology in the SX series of digital cameras. As it delivers stunning images in any scene. With a wide-angle optical zoom, Full HD movies, Wi-Fi® and GPS technology. This powerful combines leading picture quality and flexibility in convenient packaging.

Canon Camera N Series – By opening a new dimension in photographic expression. The PowerShot N Series helps you express your style and style through Canon’s powerful and innovative technology. The digital camera has a built-in Wi-Fi® for easy connection to mobile devices and easy sharing of photos. Wide-angle lenses with an optical zoom and image stabilization produce high-quality images and Full HD video. While LCD touch panels and innovative shooting modes make it easy to record, personalize, share your life from any angle.)

Canon Camera ELPH Series – The PowerShot ELPH series focuses on style, design, and performance, and can put into your pocket. With its many advanced features and innovative features, the ELPH series allows junior photographers to shoot bright photos and movies. Smart Auto will select camera settings based on 32 pre-defined shooting conditions. To give you with the most correct exposure for the shooting scene. Intelligent IS can achieve low-light shooting, find six different modes to optimize the image stabilization settings under shooting conditions. The cameras in the ELPH series of digital cameras give integrated Wi-Fi®. Can share your images with family and friends on social networking sites such as Facebook® and YouTubeTM.

Better Photographs

Canon Camera D Series – Open the world of photography with the PowerShot D-Series Digital Waterproof Digital Camera. Use this rugged, shockproof, antifreeze and waterproof camera4 to shoot extreme outdoor activities to offer excellent images in any scene. When shooting stunning images while swimming, diving, skiing, snowboarding, diving or climbing, a waterproof camera needed to complete the task. They design this digital underwater camera series the photography challenge of taking fine photos in an aquatic environment. Special features include an underwater macro method where photographers can take close-ups by zooming in on the image. Integrated GPS tracks view the photo when taken, enjoy your outdoor activities and take wonderful photos, videos in difficult conditions.

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