BioPel Natural Flea and Tick Spray

Natural Flea & Tick Spray Tick and flea control essential when taking care of one’s pets. BioPel Natural Flea and Tick Spray have safe ingredients for people and pets. Prevent fleas, ticks, and other insects. This special formula unharmed for dogs and cats. Doesn’t own cedar oils, pyrethrin, phosphates. ingredients identified dangerous in other pesticides.

BioPel Natural Flea and Tick Spray a non-toxic common pest repulsive. That protected, used on pets, bedclothes, and food. Pet keepers can use the sprayer on their garments and skin while camping and hiking to resist insects. This emphasizes a crisp lemon smell and goes no residues.

Active Elements of BioPel Natural Fleas and Tick Spray

Lemon Grass Oil

Lemongrass oil is among the 5 important oils regarded as a natural pest repellent. Plus a safe choice for the pesticide. The only essential oil safe used in cats. Confuses the neurotransmitters in the bugs needed for their feeding, breeding, movement, and action. Kills flea cells and prevent fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

The sodium lauryl sulfate is a detergent and emulsifier. This applied to the natural flea and tick spray as an instrument to mix the elements. Certified to enhance a safe, EPA-sanctioned, pest repellent.

Cinnamon Oil

Cinnamon oil is a natural pesticide that will harm mosquito larvae. Strong as a tick and flea control agent.

Inert Ingredients

Aside from the intense ingredients. The regular flea and tick spray to have dormant parts the glycerine and purified water. These elements make it dependable even when sprayed on your pets’ meal.

How to Use BioPel Natural Fleas and Tick Spray

They used at once on pets bed, cat and dog bowls, movables, couches, desks, countertops, floors. Everywhere you have to bug and flea limitation. Best used before or following walks going to higher infestation places. Individuals may use the spray in the way of backpacking and camping tours to repel insects.

Benefits of BioPel Common Fleas and Tick Spray

The spray is effective for as much as 24 hours. An effective mosquito, tick, and flea restriction. You and your pets stay bug-free by using the spray. A safe choice for pesticides along with other insect repellents around the marketplace now.

Unwanted effects of BioPel Regular Fleas and Tick Spray

The natural fleas and tick spray no distinguished unwanted results. Produced from 99 percent natural ingredients and guard even when laid on meals. Safe for use on cats and dogs nine weeks or adult.

What are BioPel Natural Flea and Tick Spray?

Frontline Plus Flea And Tick Control For Cats
Frontline Plus Flea And Tick Control For Cats
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