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Tagaytay, Travel Philippines
Tagaytay is one of the most famous targets for visitors, those from Metro Manila. The bus that goes by road, from the place goes an easy approach the silent place, the cliffs of Cavite. The calm weather and scenic views of the Highlands enough to appeal to crowds. People who need to escape warm weather in the city. Tagaytay is an excellent opportunity for Baguio, the vacation business, and Baguio is further away.

Guests learn great views of Tagaytay’s Taal Lake in Batangas,Tagaytay Philippines which revel in many painted views of the place. Picnic Grove is one place attended by visitors. Besides the splendid spectacle, the garden gives horseback traveling, tent and zip activities. Sky People Park is another famous square in Tagaytay. This “Dwelling” is the other of a home erected in 1979 at the strongest degree of the Marcos regime. From the palace, companies will have a great 360-degree scenic view.

Camarines Sur, Travel Philippines

Camarines Sur is the largest province in the Bicol Region. Surrounded by mountains, islands, and huge bodies of water, the Camarines Sur Philippinesprovince has become popular over the years among tourists because of its water parks and beaches. Known to many as CamSur, the province and its tourism industry continue to thrive and are expected to attract even more visitors in the years to come.

In recent years, Camarines Sur has become more and more developed, and at the center of it all is the CamsurWatersports Complex. Located in the capital city of Pili, the six-hectare water park is the premier destination in the Philippines for tourists who are into waterskiing, wakeboarding, and wakeskating. Every year, it hosts exciting events like water sports tournaments Visit Camarines Sur, Philippines

Zambales, Travel Philippines

Zambales is a destination that can easily be accessed via road trip or bus from Metro Manila, making it an Zambales Philippinesideal destination for a quick getaway during the weekend. It is the second largest province in Central Luzon. Its beaches are the main tourist attractions but the establishments near
the shore are frequented by visitors too. The shores are not as developed but it has a laidback atmosphere that provides the much-needed quiet vibe for anyone who wants to take it slow.

Potipot Island is surrounded by pristine waters and white sand beach. There are only a few cottages in the area while the rest is nothing but pure nature. Tourists can take advantage of the serene environment in the island by sunbathing by the shore, taking a stroll, or swimming in the clear aquamarine water. Visit Zambales, Philippines

Rizal, Travel Philippines

Rizal is one of the nearest destinations for the travelers from Metro Manila. Named after the country’s Rizal Philippinesnational hero Jose Rizal, the province is an important source of natural resources, with the produce of its agricultural terrains and the fish from Laguna de Bay, its largest body of water. Rizal is also known for being a province full of great artists. Its colorful culture celebrates the creativity and faith of its locals.

The capital city of Antipolo is the center of commerce and trade in the province. Every year, thousands of tourists and devotees flock to the Antipolo Cathedral. Enshrined in the church is the image of Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage, a 17th-century wooden statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Antipolo is also the location of the Hinulugang Taktak Waterfalls, which was proclaimed as a National Historical Shrine in 1990 by the government. Visit Rizal, Philippines

Ilocos Sur, Travel Philippines

Ilocos Sur is a beautiful province that boasts amazing natural wonders and proud locals. But it is more Ilocos Surrecognized for being a place full of history and rich culture. It has successfully preserved much of its historic structures and villages, all of them still standing tall among commercial areas and districts. Ilocos Sur is one of the must-see places for tourists who want to understand the diverse culture and colorful history of the Philippines.

The capital city of Vigan is one of the most important historic destinations to travel Philippines. It is one of the few Spanish-colonial towns left in the country. Walking around Vigan is a unique experience in itself. The old houses and mansions, the cobblestone-stoned streets, as well as the horse-drawn carriage known as the “kalesa” all take you back to a world only seen in Philippine history books and movies. Visit Ilocos Sur, Philippines

Travel Philippines

Ilocos Norte, Philippines

Situated on the northwest corner of Luzon, Ilocos Norte is a vacation hotspot because of its impressive Ilocos Norte Philippinesshoreline and marvelous terrains. Both the old and new clash and blend in this progressive province as historic structures proudly stand among the developed areas. Ilocos Norte is also famous for being the home province of Ferdinand Marcos, the longest-serving president of the Philippines.

Visitors to Ilocos Norte and drawn to the municipality of Pagudpod because of its dazzling white sand and shimmering blue waters. The beaches in the town are the perfect destinations for those who want to relax or try fun activities under the sun. Swimming, boating, island hopping, diving, or lounging by the sea are just some of the nice things to do. Visit Ilocos Norte, Philippines

Pampanga, Philippines

Pampanga is a province full of history and culture. During the colonial period, it was one of eight provinces Pampanga Philippinesto first revolt against the Spaniards. It was also the location of an American airbase that was bombed by the Japanese during World War II. But now, Pampanga is an urbanized province, which continues to grow with commercial and business districts. It is also a gateway to the Philippines because of its very own international airport.

Pampanga was severely affected by the explosion of Mount Pinatubo in 1991, one of the most destructive volcanic eruptions in the country. In the years that followed, the locals learned to put the effects of this tragic event to good use by collecting the sand it left behind. A crater lake was also formed after the eruption, which is now a scenic view along with its huge crater walls.Visit Mount Pinatubo an ideal destination for hikers and sightseers.

Palawan, Philippines

No visit to the Philippines is complete without seeing gorgeous beaches and nothing promises a better seascape Palawan Philippinesview than Palawan. It is a stunning island that sees its fair share of tourists all year round. It has been featured in several international surveys, TV shows, and publications as one of the most beautiful islands in the world. The whole tropical paradise is a natural wonderland itself, with so many things to see, do, and

There is no shortage of resorts and hotels in the capital city of Puerto Princesa because of the number of visitors yearly. The city is blessed with white sand beaches including a few unique natural wonders as well. The world-famous Puerto Princesa Underground River was declared as one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature. This underground river is surrounded by breathtaking rock formations and colonies of fruit bats that create an otherworldly atmosphere. Visit Palawan, Philippines

Manila, Philippines

Metro Manila is home to the most vibrant cities in the country. Sprawling with the biggest commercial centers, Manila Philippinesbusiness districts, and residential areas, the megacity is also the Philippine’s center of culture, economy, government, and education. It has a population of more than 12 million people that swells with employees and students at daytime as well as the tourists who arrive every day. Being the location of major airports, Metro Manila is also the gateway of the country to the rest of the world.

Manila is the nation’s capital and where some of the country’s significant landmarks can be found. The Malacañang Palace is the residence of the President of the Philippines. The walls of Intramuros are the ruins of the oldest district of Manila—constructed during the 16th century, the fortress has withstood countless attacks throughout its history. Located within its walls is the Manila Cathedral, the episcopal see of the Archbishop of Manila. Visit Manila, Philippines

Cebu, Philippines

Cebu is the most progressive province in the Visayas Islands and plays a vital role in the country’s economic Cebu Philippinesand cultural growth. Its capital, Cebu City, is a major trade and commerce center while its towns and municipalities are some of the premier destinations for both local and international tourists. Cebu has everything a traveler would want to see in a destination—natural wonders, impressive attractions, a mix of cultural influences, and a vibrant city life.

Cebu’s biggest attraction is undoubtedly the Sinulog Festival, held every third week of January in Cebu City. Sinulog is celebrated to honor the country’s acceptance of the Catholic faith and the Sto. Niño, the child Jesus Christ, and one of the most recognized religious images in the Philippines. Cebu City becomes lively with parades, dance competitions, street parties, concerts, bazaars, and many more. Visit Cebu, Philippines

Boracay, Philippines (This place is temporary closed for upgrading)

This little island located near the northwest tip of Panay Island is almost always on top of the itineraries of Boracay Philippinestourists who visit the Philippines. Boracay will never run out of things to do for visitors. Its silky white sand can entice anyone to play beach volleyball, football, and Frisbee. Its clear waters are great for swimming, boating, diving, and snorkeling. The establishments that line the shores offer countless dining options. And at night, the whole island turns into a vibrant party place as the dance floors get crowded and alcohol flows generously. It’s no wonder why Boracay never runs out of tourists as well.
Boracay is divided into 3 stations: Station 1 is where the most upscale resorts and hotels are located; Station 2 is filled with establishments like guesthouses, restaurants, and shopping centers while Station 3 has more affordable accommodations, bars, and eateries. Visit Boracay, Philippines

Bohol, Philippines

Bohol flaunts its natural beauty with pride. No wonder it is a favorite destination among tourists in the Bohol PhilippinesTravel Philippines. The island province has no shortage of impressive natural wonders; the most recognized are its group of hills and stunning beaches. Its forests are home to a distinct wildlife that continues to spark the interest of people all over the world. The 10th largest island in the Philippines, Bohol is a destination full of amazing discoveries. Visit Bohol, Philippines

Travel Philippines

The Chocolate Hills are the biggest draw of Bohol. Stretching endlessly across the municipality of Carmen, the grass-covered hills are in different shades of green much of the year but they turn brown at the end of the dry season, making them look like delectable, gigantic chocolate mounds. Tourists can admire the Chocolate Hills from a viewing deck but bike zip lines are also available for those who want a much more thrilling experience.

Batangas, Philippines

Batangas is a first class province and one of the favorite vacation destinations of the people living in the Batangas Philippinesmetropolis. If you are looking for a place where you can have a quick out-of-town vacation, Batangas is just a 1-2 hour drive from Manila. Here you will find some of the friendliest (and most courageous) people in the country. They have some of the most beautiful beaches and one of the most incredible volcanoes you will ever see.
When in Batangas, you shouldn’t miss the Taal Volcano. It is found near the middle of the Taal Lake. The area is famous for the enjoyable boat ride to the volcano island where you will be enthralled by scenic views of mountains and the deep blue waters. The volcano island is popular for its mysterious crater lake. Visit Batangas, Philippines

Baguio, Philippines

The Philippines is a tropical country with hot weather for most of the year, and Baguio is one of the only Baguio Philippinesplaces that remains cold and breezy. Dubbed as the “Summer Capital of the Philippines,” Baguio was established as a hill station by the Americans in 1900 so they can escape the warm temperatures in the lowlands during summer. For many years now, it has been attracting thousands of tourists with its cool mountain climate, beautiful sites, and delectable food products. If you need a break from the heat, Baguio is certainly the best place to Visit Baguio, Philippines

Since Baguio City is on top of a mountain range, it is filled with places where you can enjoy impressive sceneries. Mines View Park is visited by a lot of tourists because of the scenic view it offers of the Benguet mountains. Aside from sightseeing, other activities to enjoy in the park include trying your luck in a wishing well and having your pictures taken in traditional Ifugao costume or with two huge St. Bernard dogs.

Leyte, Philippines

Leyte is historically known for two things: first, it is the location of the largest naval battle in World War leyteII, the Battle of Leyte Gulf. And second, it is the site where General Douglas MacArthur eventually returned to liberate the Philippines from the Japanese. Divided into two provinces, Leyte is a must-see place for all tourists. With the typhoons that hit Leyte in the past, the locals gained the admiration of the world for their optimism and indomitable spirit.

The San Juanico Bridge is the landmark that is usually associated with the province. It is the longest bridge in the Philippines, stretching two kilometers, and connecting the islands of Samar and Leyte. Since its construction in 1973, the San Juanico Bridge is one of the most photographed attractions in the province. Visit Leyte, Philippines

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Safety and Security – Be vigilant whenever you visit a new place. Make sure to keep your valuables in a safe place and always be wary of your surroundings.

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