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Schedule in Changing Air Conditioner Filter

Keep air conditioner running at full efficiency during hot summer months. The top priority of many homeowners lists. One of the best ways to make sure that happens is to change the AC filter as recommended. Failing to change the filter can lead to dust getting backed up and redistributed back into the home. This not ideal condition for anyone with allergies. It leads to maintenance problems or air conditioner crashes.

Before changing a filter in an air conditioner. Use black pen, or marker to show direct air flow, on the old filter and on the new one. No confusion installing the new filter. If you’re using an electronic filter necessary to remove the collector cells. Wash them by using HVAC cleaner or similar substance.

Does the cost of air conditioner filter matter?

To change air conditioner filter. It is important to remember shouldn’t take with any filter. Choose a cheap filter or effective economy panel filter. But may fail to keep dust from filtered back through the home. A faulty filter can reduce the effectiveness of AC unit by twenty percent. It causes working harder to keep the home cool and comfortable. The standard size for air conditioner filter is 16 by 24.

How often AC filter changed?

Each home is different when the filter for air conditioner should change. While the recommended filters changed every 3-6 months. The professional installers recommend the filter changed once a month. That frequency often excessive. But it may necessary when people with allergies living the home. Or if the home located with high dust particles.

To replace the filter with AC unit doesn’t have a headache. Its effect in short time frame without having to spend money. The key to keeping AC emitting cool air at the most ability, make sure the filter gets changed often. Mark the date the filter changed so will gain a better idea how often it should change.

Changing home air conditioner filter

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