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Deep Cleaning With ChinUp Face Mask

We prepared few Common questions you may arrive with the products:

Q: What is the ChinUp mask?
A: This new feature product is changing the way people handle with a double chin, double chin or sagging neck. Designed to lessen the fat in the region and help achieve a smoother, firmer and more contoured chin.

Q: Does it safe?
A. ChinUp mask developed for non-surgical facial lift, non-invasive. In addition, the thinned belt around the head design, which means it should more comfortable to wear for 30 minutes. But, we do not recommend trying to eat/drink everything while wearing. It may change the status of the mask or strap.
Q: How often do I need to use?
A: It has found that a single ChinUp Mask application can last for several days; customers use them two to three days to keep and get better results.

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Deep Cleaning With ChinUp Face Mask

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