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Why Are Diamonds So Expensive?

If you are on the cusp of getting engaged. You are more than likely out searching for the perfect ring or necklace to give to the most important woman in your world. As you search you may become increasingly frustrated by prices and imperfections of diamonds you look at. It is often helpful if you know how this diamond got the jeweler to give it the acknowledgment for what it’s worth. Here is a bit about how the diamond came to where it is today, on her finger.

Millions of years ago, a single molecule, carbon, pressurized deep within the earth’s core. At least 200km under the surface carbon is under temperatures of 1300 degrees Celsius or more! These molecules then form a single cubic molecule that eventually, over time, creates a crystal. The diamonds eventually pushed further up to the earth’ surface by rare eruptions similar to earthquakes, where they mine.

First, consider this: the diamonds that are available today began forming millions of years ago, about 200km beneath the surface of the earth. Here, carbon molecules are under such intense heat and pressure that molecular cubic begins to form. The molecules then begin to crystallize and rise slightly to an area where they will stay until a volcanic eruption occurs. This eruption will send these materials to the surface of the earth.

Once the diamonds reach the surface, they are ready to found and mine. Mining comes in many forms, but the most widely used called is “hard rock mining..” Near where the volcanic eruption occurs, many tunnels and rooms are dug. Here miners put under uncomfortable conditions to seek diamonds. Once the diamonds are found they then go through a process of cutting and polishing. They are then transported to the gemological institutes of America to processed and certified. If the diamond going to use for jewelry, it will cut again, faceted and polished and shipped to the jeweler.

So, now you know how diamonds got to where they are today! It took millions of years, people, and technology to get that perfect diamond to that velvet box, appreciate your stone for what it is. And, more than that, you can quit griping about their prices now that you know what goes into getting them to a band or necklace!

Double Halo Ring
ROX Cushion Diamond Double Halo Ring

This stylish diamond engagement ring is set with a striking 0.72ct cushion cut diamond surrounded by a stunning double halo of brilliant cut diamonds. Hallmarked 950 platinum diamond shank set with brilliant cut diamonds with a combined weight of 0.55ct and with platinum four claw head.

Price: £5,829.17

Why Are Diamonds So Expensive?

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