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Flowtron electronic bug zapper: fast and clean

Flowtron electronic bug zapper: fast and clean. If you plan an outdoor picnic and don’t want your guests to destroyed by annoying flies and mosquitoes. The 80-watt Flowtron BK-80D electronic bug zapper is your ideal pesticide! You must do this to destroy your balance by itching in one of the fine tea sessions. If you don’t want to see weird insects licking your delicious cake. Install the Flowtron on your lawn and watch the nasty creatures die! The Flowtron Insect Killer, you can enjoy lunch odorless!

The fragrant citron with a strong odor will kill your olfactory nerves. The big quantity of pesticide spraying in a room without a window is enough to melt the brain. The 80-watt Flowtron BK-80D electronic error eliminator kills pests with now these substances. Your dinner will never have the savor of this chemical. This safe device does not use chemical mist, aerosol or insect poisons, and is intact, assembled and ready to use. You can plug it into a standard power outlet and watch only one penny per day. This pesticide is profitable. Stop injecting insecticides or incense or oil with a strong odor. Flowtron guarantees that buying you will never sneak into the supermarket to buy pesticides!

The 80-watt Flowtron BK-80D electronic insect eliminator uses a high-density black bulb. Attract and drop the fascinating flying insects, designed to protect a wide space of ​​1-1 / 2 acres. You can see how a hundred easy-to-handle mosquitoes approach the device and become a striking little spark. It will amaze your child at how Flowtron works! It integrates the exclusive mosquito bait box that activated when the device turned on into the device. Nothing to worry the smell of whatever other than the burned mosquito.

The splendor of this device, you never change whatever. There are no ink cartridges with a chemical infusion or easy-to-use batteries. Just plug it into the socket to complete other tasks. The 80-watt Flowtron BK-80D electronic error eliminator. You don’t have to worry about valuable pets burning in the third grade. It comes with a protective grid that prevents your child. Pet or another person from accessing the efficient grid without accidental blockages.

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The Flowtron, your killing carnival safe and effective. It has a rugged weatherproof assembly that never rusts, cracks or fades! They can use this Flowtron insecticide a fantastic night light. Its versatile light bulb attracts mosquitoes ideal for lighting corners or dark areas. So you can navigate through mosquito-free corridors!

Use Flowtron during the party. Put it in the corner of one of your dinners. Place it on the pedestal of New Year’s Eve to get instant fireworks. The 80-watt Flowtron BK-80D electronic insect’s eliminator is a must. If you plan to camp outdoors or relax in the yard. Now use the powerful electronic mosquito killer to destroy those annoying mosquitoes!

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