Food Equipment: The Right Approach On How To Choose Which Food Slicer To Buy

The meat slicer cuts meat, cheese, and other foods. Deciding which food knife to buy can confuse, so we’re happy to help you decide. The best quality meat and food slicers will satisfy you our meat processing products we only offer.

When deciding which food slicer/micro tome to buy these are the key factors to consider.

Food Equipment: What could you cut with a food slicer?

Plan to slice them less often if most of your slices are small. Right for you a manual food slicer. Make many products, and needs constant thickness, electric food cutting machine you need. Cut large amounts of meat, cheese or other foods at once, the electric food cutter allows you. Give you with correct sections electric meat slicer, for large food slicing work. Every time without constant supervision, so your slices have the same thickness.

Food Equipment: How many hours you have to use the cutting machine each day?

Ideal for light applications, our economical food slicer. Slice over 4 hours a day, heavy meat and food cutters offer greater durability at a reasonable price.

Food Equipment: Will, you cut cheese?

Food Equipment

Sliced ​​cheese is one of the most difficult things on food slicers. Food slices we offer in meat processing products can cut cheese, unlike many other models. Consider using a high-performance food equipment slicer, if the number of slicing insufficient.

Food Equipment: What is the size of the largest product you will cut?

Choose a meat slicer with a cutting blade that fits your cut. Insure what to cut, what to consider.

Food Equipment: What is the thickest part you need?

Make sure it cut the slicer you choose as thick as possible.

Food Equipment: What are you going to cut?

Worth considering which menu items you can add in the next few years. Save more of your money over the long term by purchasing now.

Food Equipment: Is the size of the paper important?

The size of the worksheet should be a feature in your search for the slicer. The volume and product size you want to cut is a key influence in choosing the paper size. A 7″ or 9″ table can use to manage smaller operations. A larger capacity procedure requires at least one 10″ or 12″ blade.

Food Equipments


Univex Premium Series Slicer, Semi-Automatic

The Univex Super 1/2 hp semi-automatic meat slicer (model 1000S) uses a 13-inch hollow blade. Cut the meat into slices one inch (.875inch thick. Made the slicer in Germany for the operator. Safe, it has installed edge protection.Easy to configure and activate, including three speeds, three stroke lengths, and one cutting counter the automatic controls.

Volano Meat SlicerFully Hand-OperatedManual Feed

The Omcan manual meat slicer is manual and the cutting machine is ideal for slicing ham. Designed in red, this meat slicer offers a nostalgic and eye-catching design. The front of the restaurant, deli, supermarket, and buffet, while giving you more sales. The built-in sharpener maintains sharp blades for fast and efficient cutting. Equips the blade of the micro tome with a protective ring that conforms to CE standards. Comes with a standard red steering wheel. Easy to keep and run.

German Knife Turboair Premium Automatic Food Slicer

One of the outstanding items in the TurboAir series line. A full line of top quality TurboAir products, we carry.

Food Equipment Univex Premium Series

Univex Premium
Price: $8,214.00

Food Equipment Volano Meat SlicerFullyVolano Meat SlicerFully
Price: $5,970.66
Food Equipment German Knife

German Knife
Price: $6,405.85

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Food Equipment: Shrimp Cutter

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