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Learn Effective Freedom For Pets External Parasites

External parasites are common in dogs. A parasite is a creature that lives on the resources your dog provides. Fresh blood (used by most parasites) and warm places (inside skin and skin and on the skin). What are common parasites that may affect my dog?

Many parasites that affect dogs:
– Fleas
– Ticks
– Mites
– Dice

These parasites cause an adverse reaction to your dog: itchy and inflamed skin, an opaque bald scalp. In advanced cases, your dog may develop anemia (blood loss) and weaken (young, older, or have other illnesses).
Besides this, many parasites spread parasites to your dog. For example, fleas have common locusts (which cause constipation and flatulence). Blemishes can cause many serious problems such as Lyme disease and paralysis.

In today’s post let’s look at fleas. What to discover if your dog affected, how to clear them.

Looks closer at FLEAS

The Fleas are the most common external parasites affecting dogs. They are small and the jumping insects are light brown. Although humans seldom see them, they move quick!

Fleas live in your dog’s blood. The life cycle of fleas moves from the first stage (egg) to the fourth stage (adult fleas). So they can reproduce at an alarming rate.

Adult fleas produce hundreds of eggs every day. Each egg becomes an adult flea, and it has hundreds of eggs. Fleas become a big problem!

What to do if your dog suffers Fleas

The symptoms of fleas infection are obvious.

Dogs with fleas most scratched, in areas where fleas show useful. Ears, the base of the tail, the abdomen and knees (the soft membrane of the thigh and the abdomen).

Learn Effective Freedom For Pets External Parasites

In fact, saliva of fleas causes irritation than biting. Dogs have real allergies to this saliva (as opposed to standard stimuli). Allergic dogs suffer from fleas infecting much important negative reactions and develop “hot spots.”

These hot spots caused by reacting the fleas’ saliva and the dogs, inflammation, desquamation, bleeding, and infection of skin section. Bald spots develop due to repeated scratches and persistent inflammation.

If you think your dog has fleas, you can confirm your suspicion by looking at their skin. You don’t recognize fleas, but you should be able to see what looks pepper on the skin (Fine black particles). This is flea dirt (poop).

If you brush it with a fleas comb (a fine-toothed comb), try cleaning it with a paper towel. If the towel has a red spot, you know your dog has a flea. (paper towel on a white backdrop, fleas red: due to fleas Live in the blood, so their feces colored).

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Pets External Parasites

More on parasites and their conduct…

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