Guitar lesson. Hey, crazy guitar fanatics! I receive many requests for guitar lessons with fingerstyle. So here’s an introductory series to the exciting section of guitar playing. I will teach to play in the style I want to play; Something much similar in how they play. Chet Atkins, James Taylor, and Mark Knopfler play.

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Some of you may recall that Mark Guitar Guy made a series of free strums on YouTube last year. In it, he covered the essential guitar strums aimed to get up and play a range of musical styles. Well, Mr. Mark, people lost an important ballad guitar strumming style … ballad strum… and eating away. So, a few weeks ago he stood in front of a camera and filmed two lessons covering cool, and not to mention, versatile strumming pattern. Check-in video # 4.

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New Approach to Learn Guitar

New exciting developments are taking place in Jamorama! They honored to introduce social networking sites. Whether you’re learning guitar or an experienced veteran, modern social mechanism has developed a strong network of support that can lead to inspiration, guidance, and support for generations.

Social Network Jamorama

The new social platform Jamorama allows members to associate with other students of the guitar. Post comments and photos on the walls of partners, stay in the circle through the news feed, and “Like” and share favorite messages. And with Privacy Wall, a complete authority on visits to your publication. All registered users or colleagues.


Free Guitar Lesson


Besides social networking tools, they are adding forums. Jamorama Forums give a platform to challenge or clarify questions related to the guitar. With the possibility of receiving hundreds of comments, thousands of messages, there will be an argument for anyone. As a result of real-life guitarists who have dealt with these concerns.

New Learning Dashboard

When the new social platform Jamorama opened, the user improved met with a strong profile dashboard. Profile Dashboard provides immediate access to personal profiles, plans, workflow and more, and tight bond with these subjects could see the progress of the training.

Jamorama: Free Guitar Lesson

How To Make It Easy To Play Guitar Fast
Beginner Electric Bass Guitar Pack

If you are looking for a great bass on a budget look no further. This is a great alternative to the big name J-bass. This sleek black beauty sports a thin, fast neck and low action right out of the box. Great for recording, but also solid enough to take some punishment on the road and stylish enough to be on stage. Great value without the comprised quality. Included in this package is is a Jack to Jack cable and a 20 Watt practice amp which can be used with headphones for late night jamming.

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Guitar Lesson Book

Acoustic Guitar
Yamaha FX370C 4/4 Electro Acoustic Guitar – Natural

Electro-acoustic guitar Yamaha FX370 is a great buy for its design and build quality of the sound. It has a spruce top and elegant ultrathin polyurethane finish, and makes a much better and cleaner than others in its range of sounds. This dreadnought acoustic style has a rear part of nato back with rosewood fingerboard, also has a well-built construction. Great for beginners and professionals that offer great sound, is a really great guitar!

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