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Making Pizzas: Required Equipments Before Getting Started

Making Pizzas. The two most important equipment the restaurant owner needs the pizzeria is a good pizza oven and a ready station.

There are several models to choose from when purchasing a pizza oven. The most traditional model is a stone oven, known as a brick oven. An oven comprising a cooking chamber made of flame retardant materials. Such as refractory bricks, refractory concrete plaster, clay or even stone. The oldest is one of the direct-fired masonry heated with burning wood. Often referred to as the “Roman” or “black” furnace. They built it using plans from at least the Roman Republic in Western culture. They call it a black oven because of the wood smoke inside that burns. It accumulates in the form of soot on the top of the oven.

Although most of the time it made them of firewood, in the 19th century, coal stoves have developed and used. Today, modern masonry kiln heated by natural gas or even electric power and now associated with handmade bread and pizza.

Making Pizzas: Required Equipment Before Getting Started

They build the equipment designed to heat bread with thick walls that need to store for hours. After the wood burned inside whether on the floor of the oven or under the oven. They build an indoor for this purpose. Those designed to roast pizza or use other cooking techniques with real fire may have a thinner fabrication. The model known as the “white oven” is a more complex design that directs heat outside the combustion chamber. This special design does not cut the smoke generated by the flame through the furnace. While modern pizzerias can use any fuel source oven. Purists who insist that only wood-fired ovens can produce real Neapolitan pizza.

Another necessary equipment for a commercial pizzeria is the preparation table. The preparation station made of stainless steel. Making it easy to clean and can spread the outer casing or cover it before heating. It depends on the configuration of the table, can buy on a flat surface. May places the sauce and ingredients on the front or side position. The wells are open and need internal containers to equipped with removable covers to protect the contents from contamination. It equips a cover to preserve the ingredients that can open and closed when no pie produced. This variety allows the removal of containers containing toppings for regular cleaning.

They can buy pizza ovens and remade tables new or used equipment if you run under a limited budget. You can find new equipment at your dealership. But you can find old equipment from other sources, such as newspapers or trade magazines. These dealers even offer used equipment to help potential customers find solutions at a reasonable price to meet their needs.

Making Pizzas: Required Equipment Before Getting Started

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Nemco Pizza Oven
Nemco Pizza Oven 240V, Model# 6205-240 Price: $1,405.25

Countertop Pizza Oven
Nemco Electric Countertop Pizza Oven 120V 1800W, Model# 6205 Price: $1,345.30

Raft 22″ pizza oven
Adcraft 22″ Pizza Oven, Model# PO-22 Price: $1,193.94

Pizza Prep Table”
Nor-Lake Advantedge™ Pizza Prep Table 93.3″ W(12) 1/3 Size Pans Included Auto Defrost5/8 Hp115V/60/1CordNema 5-15PUlC-UlEtl Sanitation, Model# NLPT93-007 Price: $8,172.15

Pizza Prep Table
Turboair Super Dlx Pizza Prep Table 3-Section 31 Cu Ft, Model TPR-93SD-D4-N Price: $6,568.09

Pizza Prep Table”
Nor-Lake Advantedge™ Pizza Prep Table 93.3″ W(12) 1/3 Size Pans Included Self-Contained Refrigeration5/8 Hp115V/60/1CordNema 5-15PUlC-UlEtl, Model# NLPT93-003 Price: $7,069.50

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