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Frame Tents
The tent can erect on any surface and can assemble near the building or next to another tent. They are stable and can cover a wider range. Framed tents are available in standard sizes. Ranging from 5 meters to 30 meters in width and can customize to suit your needs. The frame method comprises structural anodized aluminum and steel fitting powder coating. Most of these can interchange between various sizes. Parts assembled and fixed on the ground. After the top installed, the frame lifts to install the legs.

If you are considering buying a party tent or renting a tent for an upcoming event. You should be familiar with the different tents on the market. So you can choose the tent that best suits your specific needs and budget. Please note that this article does not include tents or hiking. But focuses on an attribute of tents, i.e. temporary structures used in the acting industry. outdoor weddings planning, private events, and corporate events.

Tents can categorize:

1. Standard Picture Store.
2. Simple span Style Store.

The distinction between these two types is the way the fabric assembled in the design. When using a standard frame tent, the fabric placed on top of the metal frame. The transparent tent inserts the fabric into a designed slot. Built into the metal frame and helps keep the fabric strong instead.

This gives transparent tents a semi-permanent display with a more compact and modern look. Ideal for high-end outdoor activities and advanced corporate functions. Since the installation and dismantling of surface mounted tents. Need heavy machinery and special equipment, they are often at the special end of the value. So, if your budget is moderate and you need to install tents in place. The conventional frame tents can be a cost-effective choice.

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Frame Tents
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