PEMF best for the athletes, injuries, and alternative therapies

PEMF is best for athletes, injuries, and alternative therapies. Regarding the use of electromagnetic therapies. One of the most important lessons I can teach is a clear understanding of their role in the body. Every time PEMF use, these actions will occur in all institutions. This has nothing to do with a person’s fundamental cause or condition. Most diseases or health conditions own very common components.

The body’s ability to respond to injury, illness, or limited disease. The most commonly described effects of pulsed electromagnetic fields include. Relief of pain, reduce swelling, reduce nervousness, muscle relaxation. Improve circulation, various metabolic effects, detoxification, membrane load balance cells. And stimulate repair by stimulating RNA and DNA. PEMF also has reflexology and acupuncture-like effects on the body.

I always want to learn, in any condition. Which components of these magnetic fields are present in that condition or body. Of course, we don’t always know what might happen. However, you can bet that there are many of these components. You cannot use the type of magnetic field I recommend adjusting a particular operation.

You can use the survey equipment to change some of these individual operations while making fewer changes to other operations. In the medical model, each specific action has a specific device. This becomes impractical and too expensive. For this reason, I prefer devices that have general reactions in the body. It lets the body decide what it needs and how it will react.

Alternative therapies

Through the use of these concepts, you can think about how athletes can benefit from PEMF. At the very least, athletes need their muscles to function. This is important for maintaining structural integrity and maximizing behave the body in specific sports. Regardless of winning the game, maximizing performance will reduce the risk of injury. The biggest risk to athletes’ health is injury.

Therefore, athletes will use PEMF to maximize physical function. To reduce the risk of injury and helping the body recover from any injury more quickly. With these ideas in mind, athletes should use full-body magnetic stimulation. Before and after exercise, testing, and competition at any level. By using PEMF before the game allows the body to be optimized for its functions. This will produce better performance.

I have found that muscles work harder, longer, and recover faster under magnetic stimulation. In addition, once used, the muscles can become sore and often tense or cramp. A classic effect of the magnetic field is to reduce muscle contraction. Despite injuries, regardless of size, athletes often have to take part in competitions and exercise. So the regular use of magnetic fields is so important for any high-level athlete, even on weekends.

PEMF Treatment

I know an athlete, and because of his continued use of PEMF. He could maintain a world-class level in his 40s. I have also heard the story of a doctor friend who is a doctor of the US Olympic team. He said it takes 2-3 days for our athletes to recover from the game. He realized that the East Germans and Russians. Would return as robots the next day of not showing any attrition. As he passed by their camp, he noticed everyone was using some kind of stimulation device, a barrel coil.

These are not illegal and not considered being doping. They are treatment systems that help relieve body pressure, reduce swelling and muscles, and remove lactic acid. I have experienced similar results every time I work hard in my garden. My muscles will be sore and stiff the next day. I started using magnetic therapy after finishing my gardening work. Almost every time my muscles are not stiff or sore the next morning.

Studies have shown that PEMF stimulates a process called myosin phosphorylation. This is the process by which it produced energy in the muscles. Phosphorylation produces ATP. ATP is essential for cell energy. Depleted ATP can cause muscle weakness. Exercise and a lot of vigorous muscle activity consume ATP. Assumes the body has the ingredients to supplement it, rest can restore ATP. PEMF therapies restore ATP by stimulating phosphorylation of myosin.

Muscle damaged

Another aspect of muscle damage and tissue damage caused by exercise or sports is protein. Also known as heat stress protein or heat shock protein. Very active stressed muscles, therefore, require higher levels of heat stress protein. Heat stress proteins are not just for calories. Studies found that when damaged cells by heating, it produced heat shock proteins.

They also found that if you induce heat shock proteins before potential damage, using gentle stimulation techniques. You will reduce tissue damage. Research is underway to use magnetic devices to stimulate heat shock proteins in the myocardium before open-heart surgery. Open heart surgery can damage the heart muscle. Preliminary studies showed that heat shock protein stimulation can reduce muscle damage caused by open-heart surgery. Improve results and postoperative recovery.

Pulsed electromagnetic fields therapies can also increase absorb oxygen by muscles. My research on MagnoPro shows that the oxygen uptake of local tissues has increased by at least 1%. A 1% increase in oxygen uptake can improve muscle endurance and performance. In competitive sports, you may only need a 1% advantage to win.

Any injury, the body will take normal time to repair by myself. We know from the use of FDA-approved equipment that fractures will heal in about half the time. As do open wounds, including surgical wounds. Even in severe trauma, animals exposed to PEMF will survive compared to animals that have not received PEMF treatment. I saw many bruises disappear after using a pulsed magnetic field.


All injuries cause tissue swelling, as does exercise alone. The swelling slows the tissue’s ability to nourish itself with oxygen and nutrients. You will see athletes often receive ice pack treatment. Ice packs can reduce surface swelling. Swelling of the quadriceps or deep bruises does not respond to ice much. In order to freeze the deep tissues of the muscles. It will cause the muscles to freeze on the outside, damaging these tissues.

Risk is unacceptable to return. PEMFs go deep into the organization, do not pose risks to the superficial organization in order to create their benefits. PEMF therapies can reduce swelling and speed up blood clearance from bruises, speeding up recovery, return to activity, competition, or training. It gave if treatment at biggin the injury, the recovery will be much faster. Once many damage effects stabilized in the tissue, we need more energy and time to heal the tissue.

So I believe all athletes, professionals, amateurs, or “weekend warriors” should use the daily PEMF stimulation of the whole body. In addition, treating any injury with PEMF can even speed up subtle healing, making athletes healthier, stronger, and perform better.

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