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June Visitors Only Choice: The Philippines Mactan Island Cebu

Mactan island a populated island just several kilometers from Cebu Island in the Philippines. The island is a member of Cebu Province and apportioned into Lapu-Lapu City and Córdoba City. Mactan island often discussed in the history of the Philippines as Mactan’s battle. Lapu-Lapu killed Magellan, the Philippines’ main leader on the island. Today, Mactan island is one of the most visited places in Cebu. Visitors can swim and snorkel in the transparent waters and explore the busy streets. Because of the distance of the international airport, Mactan the main point of entry for tourists in the province.

Mactan Cebu Philippines

Lapu-Lapu was the first Filipino to fight the Spaniards, so he considered the first hero of the Philippines. Honored to have a 66-foot tall bronze statue at Lapu Lapu Shrine. Near to the statue is the Magellan Sanctuary. A monument built in what he considered being a place where the Portuguese explorers died.

Cebu recognized for its world-class guitars, best produced by Alegre Guitars. He exhibited his work at Mactan’s factory as an acoustic guitar, ukulele, and bandurria, a Spanish musical instrument mandolin. The guitar made of imported wood and other high-quality materials. Visitors can witness how the guitar is handmade at the factory.

The Philippines Mactan Island Cebu

Mactan’s waters are ideal for windsurfing, waterskiing, and parasailing. A great place to dive to witness various marine life. At one of the best dive sites, you can visit the Kontiki Reef and the Tambuli Reef.

Travel air transport

Traveling by plane is the quickest and most convenient way to Mactan Island. Local airlines, Cebu Pacific, AirAsia, and Philippine Airlines fly to Cebu daily from different cities and provinces. If you come from Manila, the plane trip will last around 45 minutes. Other countries such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, and South Korea have direct flights to Cebu. Each flight, whether local or international, at Mactan International Airport – Cebu, in the center of Mactan Island.

Travel By Sea

Companies 2GO Travel and Philippine Span Asia give boat services for guests wishing to take a boat to Mactan Island. Recommended with the luxury of time. It takes around 23 hours to ferry from Manila to Mactan.

How to become familiar

Once you land at the airport or port (in the northern part of the Cebu City Reclamation site). The taxis and jeepney are options for you to explore the island. Tricycles used in areas around Mactan. You can try sharing travel services such as Grab and Uber.

What to see?

The Landmark; Mactan Island one of the oldest tourist destinations in Cebu Province at the centers of its prominent monument. The Mactan Island Shrine or the protected space Lapu Phuong Engano District. In the first heroic county, Lapu-Lapu, this giant bronze statue measures 66 feet (0.02 km) and in honor of his courage. He defended the Philippines against Spain’s Ferdinand Magellan. Close to the sanctuary Magellan tombstone, placed in the sight where it believed Lapu-Lapu killed Magellan and his men. This milestone to recognize the Portuguese as a great explorer. AVANI Hotels and Resorts

Events and festivals

Every April, Mactan Island celebrates the Kadaugan in Mactan Festival every year. This festival celebrated to commemorate the Battle of Mactan. Give locals and tourists with the opportunity to celebrate the history, art, culture, and island traditions. It has many activities every year, such as street dancing, food festivals, and light music performances.

Where to eat?

The Restaurant; For eating, when you visit Mactan, you never run out of options. For beginners, Abaca is one of the best restaurants on the island. It serves a range of hearty Filipino and international cuisine. Be sure to try their recommended goods, such as bread, cheese, barbecue pizza and truffle linguine.

Lantaw Native Restaurant a good place to dine in Mactan Restaurant. This Philippine floating restaurant in Cordoba offers a variety of seafood, vegetables, pork, beef and chicken dishes. These will satisfy any want or demand?

Fare Rates: PHP 2,000.00 to PHP 11,500.00 5

Ticket prices range from 2,000.00 to PHP11,500.00. Make sure you understand the latest promotions and seat sales deals for a selected local airline to get best deals. Sea travel is affordable. The one-way fare in Manila is 1,200.00 Philippine pesos.

The starter rate for the Mactan taxi was 30.00 Philippine pesos. For every 500 added consecutive meters or 90 seconds of waiting time, an extra 3.50 PHP fee. Jeep travel costs PHP 6.50 and travels 4 kilometers. For tricycle excursions, excursions within the city are around PHP 50.00.

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Cebu, Philippines Mactan Isalnds Lapu-Lapu Magellan’s Cross
Waterfront Airport Hotel and Casino Mactan, Cebu, Philippines
Waterfront Airport Hotel and Casino Mactan, Cebu, Philippines
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June Visitors Only Choice: The Philippines Mactan Island Cebu4

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