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Women’s plus size clothing
Find the most flattering outfits without giving up on the latest trends or sacrificing style with our plus size apparel. Discover plus size summer dresses or browse everyday plus size black dresses for office work or a night out. Get ready for a high-intensity cardio workout, choose your essentials from our plus size workout pieces. Or treat yourself to a stylish plus size underwear set. Are you looking for a coat for the colder months? Look at our plus size clothing, coats and jackets collection now and discover all styles and colours.

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Spoiled choice
Women’s dress and tastes are changing from continent to continent and country to country. Women prefer to wear ethnic and classic dresses for traditional parties and gatherings. Those occasions when you want to wear a dress for a night out. The options for finding the right women’s dress are endless. Some clothes show great on certain body types and others don’t. It varies from person to person. There are flare dresses, halter neck dresses, midi dresses, maxi dresses, mini dresses, off shoulder dresses, shift dresses. Millions of other dressing styles to keep you looking stunning and stylish for parties and beyond.

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Ladies love the off-shoulder, sleeved sleeves, elegant neckline and puff sleeves go well with dresses of all lengths. These suit women of all skin tones and styles. There are so many dressing options for women. But dressing like a lady is an art that only a few can master. The right shoes and accessories, along with a silhouette that fits your body shape and type. Can create a magical fashion for women.

Fashion plus size clothing

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Women’s plus size clothing is available in a variety of colours. We made it of different materials such as cotton, georgette, chiffon, satin, silk, merino wool and other thermal materials. Women can match their dresses with different jewellery, bags, shoes, cosmetics and more. You can go a step further and customise your clothes to your liking. You can opt for a ready-made dress set. Whatever you choose, make sure it suits the occasion. Choosing women’s plus size clothing according to the event will make you sound like a diva.


Plus Size Clothing Dress puffed sleeve LACEPlus Size Clothing Dress A-line LACEPlus Size Clothing Blouse pompon LACEPlus Size Clothing Dress pockets wide PATRISSE
NEW £241.75NEW £227.69NEW £215.38NEW £206.59
Dress puffed sleeve LACE £241.75 Dress A-line LACE
Blouse pompon LACE
Dress pockets wide PATRISSE
Dress circle sleeve DOLCEDress pockets wide NADIADress long buttoned LACEDress wide belt KAE
NEW £215.38NEW £206.59NEW £202.11NEW £183.73
Dress circle sleeve DOLCE £215.38 Dress pockets wide NADIA
Dress long buttoned LACE £202.11 Dress wide belt KAE
Dress ruffled FESTIVALPullover-dress zipped collar RIBBlouse-dress DOTSPullover-dress RIB
NEW £189.01NEW £166.94NEW £158.15NEW £136.26
Dress ruffled FESTIVAL £189.01 Pullover-dress zipped collar RIB
Blouse-dress DOTS
Pullover-dress RIB

Personal service
We love to provide our clients with personalised style advice so that every woman with a large body. Can get the most out of her figure. So if you need help to find the right clothes, or advice on what clothes will fit your body. Please get in touch. Also, our customer service is always available to answer questions about your order. Contact us by email or phone.

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