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Women’s plus size clothing
Find the most flattering outfits without giving up on the latest trends or sacrificing style with our plus size apparel. Discover plus size summer dresses or browse everyday plus size black dresses for office work or a night out. Get ready for a high-intensity cardio workout, choose your essentials from our plus size workout pieces. Or treat yourself to a stylish plus size underwear set. Are you looking for a coat for the colder months? Look at our plus size clothing, coats and jackets collection now and discover all styles and colours.

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Spoiled choice
Women’s dress and tastes are changing from continent to continent and country to country. Women prefer to wear ethnic and classic dresses for traditional parties and gatherings. Those occasions when you want to wear a dress for a night out. The options for finding the right women’s dress are endless. Some clothes show great on certain body types and others don’t. It varies from person to person. There are flare dresses, halter neck dresses, midi dresses, maxi dresses, mini dresses, off shoulder dresses, shift dresses. Millions of other dressing styles to keep you looking stunning and stylish for parties and beyond.

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Ladies love the off-shoulder, sleeved sleeves, elegant neckline and puff sleeves go well with dresses of all lengths. These suit women of all skin tones and styles. There are so many dressing options for women. But dressing like a lady is an art that only a few can master. The right shoes and accessories, along with a silhouette that fits your body shape and type. Can create a magical fashion for women.

Fashion plus size clothing

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Women’s plus size clothing is available in a variety of colours. We made it of different materials such as cotton, georgette, chiffon, satin, silk, merino wool and other thermal materials. Women can match their dresses with different jewellery, bags, shoes, cosmetics and more. You can go a step further and customise your clothes to your liking. You can opt for a ready-made dress set. Whatever you choose, make sure it suits the occasion. Choosing women’s plus size clothing according to the event will make you sound like a diva.


Plus Size Clothing Dress puffed sleeve LACEPlus Size Clothing Dress A-line LACEPlus Size Clothing Blouse pompon LACEPlus Size Clothing Dress pockets wide PATRISSE
NEW £241.75 NEW £227.69 NEW £215.38 NEW £206.59
Dress puffed sleeve LACE £241.75 Dress A-line LACE
Blouse pompon LACE
Dress pockets wide PATRISSE
Dress circle sleeve DOLCEDress pockets wide NADIADress long buttoned LACEDress wide belt KAE
NEW £215.38 NEW £206.59 NEW £202.11 NEW £183.73
Dress circle sleeve DOLCE £215.38 Dress pockets wide NADIA
Dress long buttoned LACE £202.11 Dress wide belt KAE
Dress ruffled FESTIVALPullover-dress zipped collar RIBBlouse-dress DOTSPullover-dress RIB
NEW £189.01 NEW £166.94 NEW £158.15 NEW £136.26
Dress ruffled FESTIVAL £189.01 Pullover-dress zipped collar RIB
Blouse-dress DOTS
Pullover-dress RIB

Personal service
We love to provide our clients with personalised style advice so that every woman with a large body. Can get the most out of her figure. So if you need help to find the right clothes, or advice on what clothes will fit your body. Please get in touch. Also, our customer service is always available to answer questions about your order. Contact us by email or phone.

Oversize dress

Blouse-dress puffed sleeve PAISLEYDress frilled BABY ROSEDress Buttoned long BOTANICADress with ruffles and lace POLKADOT
NEW £158.15 NEW £197.80 NEW £193.32 NEW £174.06
Blouse-dress puffed sleeve PAISLEY £158.15 Dress frilled BABY ROSE
Dress Buttoned long BOTANICA £193.32 Dress with ruffles and lace POLKADOT £174.06

Plus size dress
Dresses are the essence of femininity for ladies. So, show off your curves in a pretty dress more often than not? Especially for curvy women, dresses are perfect as they stress your figure and feminine curves. The skirt is so versatile that you can wear it anytime; from summer to winter! In Yoek you can find a wide range of beautiful plus size clothing for every style and occasion!

Types of Plus Size Women’s Dresses
Every curvy woman will feel beautiful and confident in Yoek’s plus size dresses! At Yoek, you’ll find a wide variety of plus size dresses. You’re searching for work dresses for the office, holiday maxi dresses for the holidays. Classic little black dresses with precise details, wrap skirts, A-line dresses, tunic wardrobes, or sweatshirt dresses. You’re sure to find your favourite big skirt. Buy dresses in your dream size at our online store! Yoek has unique collections, each with its own style. From casual to chic, in a variety of on-trend prints and colours. Choose from our Black Label collection of dresses for an elegant holiday look. Miss Y dresses are perfect for sporty or cute looks, as well as simple looks paired with timeless pieces. Check out our new portraits tab!

Women’s Plus Size Coats & Blazers

Jacket baseball LEATHERParka leatherBlouse-jacket LEATHERJacket pointy leather
NEW £1,054.05 NEW £983.72 NEW £869.44 NEW £857.13
Jacket baseball LEATHER £1,054.05 Parka leather
Blouse-jacket LEATHER
Jacket pointy leather

Women’s Plus Size Coats & Blazers
Curvy women will find a wide variety of outerwear at Yoek to suit all fashion tastes. The warmest winter coat and the coolest oversized coat for summer. Made of faux fur, sheepskin, or leather in many colours. Curvy women search for outerwear that suits their style and personality. We’ve put a special focus on offering a range of classic and contemporary coats that fit. You can tackle any type of weather with our stylish plus size coat! The Yoeks collection always includes the classic must-have jackets, blazers and coats. You want to spice up your attention with a biker jacket or complete the face with a patterned blazer? You’ll find them here! Mix and match blazers with our fit jeans.


Pullover polo collarSkirt A-Line DOLCETrousers bootleg DOLCESinglet flare DOLCE
NEW £140.57 NEW £96.61 NEW £86.15 NEW £74.72
Pullover polo collar
Skirt A-Line DOLCE
Trousers bootleg DOLCE
Singlet flare DOLCE

A well-balanced plus-size women’s wardrobe begins with timeless staples. From perfect basic dress oversize tops to comfortable slim-fit trousers, our collections are available in colours to match every season.


Jeans 7/8 leg zipperFlared jeansShaping skinny jeans 5pJeans 7/8 leg zipper
NEW £95.82 NEW £87.82 NEW £87.82 NEW £95.82
Jeans 7/8 leg zipper
Flared jeans
Shaping skinny jeans 5p
Jeans 7/8 leg zipper

The only piece of clothing that never goes out of style: jeans. We have plus size jeans that fit. Boot-cut jeans or skinny jeans, distressed or clean, whatever; we have it! While you’re at it. Take advantage of all the denim trends and complete your look with our denim shirts or jackets.


Blouse denim stretchBlouse A-line tiger LEATHERBlouse long LINENBlouse leather
NEW £97.18 NEW £839.99 NEW £203.30 NEW £1,016.06
Blouse denim stretch
Blouse A-line tiger LEATHER
Blouse long LINEN
Blouse leather

The blouse has always been a classic piece of clothing in every wardrobe. But this blouse can do so much more! We offer plus size tops in a variety of colours, shapes and patterns. Stylish oversized blouse with floral prints made of soft fabrics are must-haves for curvy women, especially in spring and summer. Because they like feminine curves, making every woman show fashionable and feminine. If you combine a shirt with jeans and heels, you own the perfect evening view. You’re sure to find the plus size shirt that’s right for you! You may also be interested in our tops.


Wijde pantalon BOTANICATrousers 7/8 ZEBRATrousers wide leatherTrousers front slit FLEX
NEW £123.71 NEW £140.60 NEW £641.12 NEW £149.45
Wijde pantalon BOTANICA
Trousers 7/8 ZEBRA
Trousers wide leather
Trousers front slit FLEX

The trousers are a must in our everyday life and they are available in a variety of cuts and colours. In our online store, fashion-conscious women can find a wide range of plus size trousers. High-quality and elegant designs and can choose the right trousers according to their taste. We have fresh cuts and styles. Our stylish boot-cut pants are comfortable to wear. Our perfect basic pant pairs with plus size tunics and blouses. In addition, we offer pants in colourful colours that provide a brilliant contrast to the classic jersey. Check out our entire site and get inspired. You may also be interested in our leggings.

Plus size shirt

Tunic wide bottom BUTTERFLYShirt kimono sleeve DOLCEShirt wide bottom DAKOTAShirt A-line with feathers DOLCE
NEW £176.77 NEW £128.22 NEW £145.91 NEW £123.71
Tunic wide bottom BUTTERFLY £176.77 Shirt kimono sleeve DOLCE
Shirt wide bottom DAKOTA £145.91 Shirt A-line with feathers DOLCE £123.71

Plus size shirt
Find the prettiest shirts in the Yoek collection. We offer a wide range of shirts in original cuts. Thus, ensuring anyone with any shape can find the right fit. Plus, we’ve got you covered for any type of formal wear, business or casual occasion. You might need a shirt! The shirt is the ideal garment; simple and comfortable to wear. Looking for something to match your new tee? Check out our pants!

Tregging SEA LEAFTregging FLOWERPOWERTregging DAKOTATregging LUREX
NEW £119.38 NEW £114.87 NEW £119.38 NEW £97.18
Tregging SEA LEAF
Tregging FLOWERPOWER £114.87 Tregging DAKOTA
Tregging LUREX

Our tights were comfortable to wear and easy to put on and take off thanks to the elasticised waistband. You like colourful prints or are looking for a simple design? In our store you will find a wide range of leggings. Or should it be a tregging? Treggings wear like leggings but show like a regular pair of pants. You may also be interested in our pants.

Oversized Tunics for All Occasions
Tunic wide bottom FLOWERTunic irregular plisséDress collar WILDDress collar WILD
NEW £175.09 NEW £159.09 NEW £154.75 NEW £114.87
Tunic wide bottom FLOWER £175.09 Tunic irregular plissé
Dress collar WILD
Tunic flare collar DOLCE £114.87

Oversized Tunics for All Occasions
Stylish tunic for curvy women. You’re looking for a flattering tunic for a night out or a cosy Sunday. Yoek has you covered. There are a variety of plus size tunics for different occasions, from dressy party-wear to more casual and sporty styles. We offer linen and beach tunics for the hottest days of summer, as elegant tunics for dinner parties or parties. You can find the most beautiful robes online at Yoek!

Skirt stretch leatherSkirt irregular pleatsSkirt SHINESkirt long DOLCE
NEW £573.91 NEW £150.24 NEW £123.71 NEW £119.38
Skirt stretch leather
Skirt long DOLCE
Tunic flare collar DOLCE £119.38

At Yoek you can find skirts in a wide variety of styles for the plus size stylish woman. Chic skirts for formal occasions, fitted pencil skirts or classic and elegant office skirts. Discover the wide range of skirts in our store. You’ll find elegant and beautiful plus size skirts in exciting prints, colours and fabrics, like our leather skirts. Choose your favourite styles and pair them with our printed blouses or tops.

Essential Singlets
Singlet wide bottom ZEBRASinglet flare LINENSinglet flare uni VOILESinglet wide bottom DOLCE
NEW £123.71 NEW £141.40 NEW £128.22 NEW £79.50
Singlet wide bottom ZEBRA
Singlet flare LINEN
Singlet flare uni VOILE
Singlet wide bottom DOLCE £79.50

Essential Singlets
You can never have too many plus size singlets. In summer, we wear shirts as normal clothing. At night, when it cools down, put a jacket on top. But Yoek doesn’t just have basic plus size tees. You’ll also find beautiful plus size tank tops with unique details. For curvy women, we also offer A-line. These tops hide problem areas so you can shine! Ruffles, flowers or other prints are in trend this year for plus sizes. Ruffles at necklines draw attention to feminine necklines. And printed tank tops show summery and playful, making you look good. You may also be interested in our blouses.

Long dress short sleeve VI/EATregging LEOPARDSinglet wide bottom VISCOSEBathrobe
NEW £97.18 NEW £96.39 NEW £69.86 NEW £87.55
Long dress short sleeve VI/EA
Tregging LEOPARD
3Singlet wide bottom VISCOSE
Women Bathrobe

Comfortable loungewear for you to have fun at home. Feel the comfort of soft, stretchy and easy-to-wear loungewe It makes your down time more comfortable and relaxing from morning till night.

Sweaters and cardigans
Cardigan shawl collarCardigan AJOURPullover pleated V-neckPullover high neck rib
NEW £172.44 NEW £150.24 NEW £150.24 NEW £137.07
Cardigan shawl collar
Cardigan AJOUR
Pullover pleated V-neck
Pullover high neck rib

Sweaters and cardigans
Cardigan, a piece of clothing we cannot do without. Looking stylish and warm during the colder months has never been easier with Yoek’s collection of stunning cardigans. Shop long or short, chunky or skinny and pair it with one of our fabulous tops.


Sometimes more is better, and for accessories, we’ve got your back! Shop our beanies, scarves or capes for a perfect fit with today’s layering trends. No knits under the poncho? Shop the cosiest winter sweaters here.