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Folder Protector
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The Shared Folder Protector extends access control to file servers with powerful end-to-end encryption, enabling administrators to define access preferences for particular groups or somebody. This approach ensures that only authorized users can read or modify files to meet task separation, information sharing, and security requirements.

With Shared Folder Protector, organizations can defend the value of their intellectual property, customer and partner data, and corporate branding. Shared Folder Protector is a data copy protection software that uses advanced stenography to protect and copy your multimedia files, such as video, audio, images, and documents. It is a complete protection system that is powerful, easy to use and very effective against any form of processing.

Shared Folder ProtectorThe shared folder protector comes with its own player/viewer and does not need to be installed on the end user’s PC. Supports all types of media, such as CD/DVD, download or USB storage. The outstanding feature-supported file format allows you to protect all multimedia files, including PDF, Flash files, MS Office files, videos, and images. Password protected users can see encrypted folders, but they cannot copy or modify files. The administrator has the maximum permissions to delete, copy, and modify any file. Multi-user permissions set to configure custom permissions for other user groups, such as read-only permissions and write-only permissions.

Software: Folder Protector

Rapid Deployment Process After installing the software on the file server, all LAN users can access your protected folder. Compatible removable devices You can also protect folders on flash drives and removable hard drives. Users can check documents, but they can be modified, copied, and deleted. Data Protection Records track the protection applied by Shared Folder Protector in your organization to help meet the requirements of management and auditors.

Folder protector

Kaka Folder Protector is a powerful and easy to use folder protector. You can hide/encrypt any folder, including flash drives and removable hard drives.

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Three methods:

  • Block
  • Encode, and
  • Encrypt folders.

It depends on the stage of protection you require.

  • Dynamic protection: Use powerful protection technology to effectively block/encrypt all your files.
  • Portability:Folders can be protected on portable devices such as USB flash drives and removable hard drives.
  • Security: Protected files are completely hidden and locked, non-erasable, non-removable, and completely inaccessible.

Advanced Folder Encryption

Advanced Folder Encryption is Windows’ fast data encryption and password protection software. Moreover, you can easily and reliably encrypt files, folders and passwords. It integrates directly with Windows Explorer to encrypt, decrypt, view and edit any file with just a few mouse clicks.

Software: Protector

Advanced Encryption Protection Shinguard uses 256-bit AES encryption, which means you can control the data. Only you can access your encrypted files and folders. Blocking the security of a file or folder immediately should not be difficult. The advanced folder encryption provides easy-to-use but reliable protection. Just right click on any file or folder for encryption. Block access to files/folders Advanced Folder Encryption makes it easy to block access to files, folders, drives and programs of your choice.

Make your files accessible without any other rights to waive your content. Protect files in Safe Mode Advanced folder encryption protects your private data even in Safe Mode! This is an unbeatable feature that ensures maximum protection for your data. Your protected items are 100% safe! 100% of the time!

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