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Visit This Majestic Location: The Tagaytay, Cavite, Philippines 1

Tagaytay is still one of the most popular destinations for tourists, those from Metro Manila. Buses that travel by road or from the city giving easy access to the quiet city in the mountains of Cavite. The cool weather and panoramic views of the Highlands enough to attract people who want to escape hot weather subway. Tagaytay is a good choice for Baguio, the summer capital, and Baguio is farther away.


Visitors remember the splendid views of Tagaytay’s Taal Lake in Batangas, which enjoy many covered views of the city. Picnic Grove is one park frequented by tourists. Besides the magnificent scenery, the park offers horseback riding, camping, and zip line activities. Sky People Park is another popular park in Tagaytay. This “Palace” is the rest of a mansion built in 1979 at the highest point of the Marcos government. From the mansion, visitors will leave a deep 360-degree panoramic view.

The town boasts the country’s best restaurants. Antonio considered one of the best restaurants in Asia. It’s a remote space on the narrow road in the middle of the city. Antonio’s cuisine combines Filipino and European cooking styles. The ambiance and well-trained staff give a great dining experience unlike the country’s restaurants and luxury hotels. Other restaurants include a bar and grill, and a joint breakfast.

Through the land

Tagaytay is one or two hours away from Metro Manila. If you bring your own car, the best route is through the South Luzon Expressway (SLEX). But, if you travel on weekends, you expect to have much of traffic. Because you are likely to join many city residents who often use Tagaytay during weekend vacations. It can reach through daily trips because many buses that run the Manila-Tagaytay route daily.


These buses stop at Pasay and the Coastal Mall. The popular bus routes are DLTB, Crown Bus, and JAM Liner. Besides boarding a bus that goes to Tagaytay, take Nasugbu or Balayan buses this bus will pass through the city. Just inform the driver you will get off at Tagaytay. Later at your destination, get off at Olivarez Terminal, the point of delivery for every bus.

If troubled by bus travel, still cars arriving at Tagaytay, but the fares are more expensive. You can find these trucks at the following piers: Mandaluyong Star Mall, Metro Point Mall, and EGI Mall.

Become Familiar With the Place 

In the jeep

For people traveling daily, the most common transportation is a jeep. When you get off at Olivares terminal, several Jeeps ready to take you different places in Tagaytay popular tourist attractions. If you are a backpacker or a traveler with a limited budget, Jeepney Tours will be your best choice.


In the tricycle

fern hotelsTricycles are another method of transportation. Although buying tricycle is more expensive than riding a jeep, you can reduce costs by sharing trips with other travelers. If traveling with friends and family, and prefer own transport around the city, this the ideal choice.

What can you do at Tagaytay, what to know?


When you arrive in the City, the first thing you will notice is the statue of Ninoy Aquino. The Rotonda of Tagaytay, the city’s main roundabout. The town has churches and sanctuaries. Whether a pilgrim or a religious traveler, you can visit them and keep in touch with your spiritual self. One of the most famous is the church of Rosa Abbey. You can pray in church or write your ask prayer. Can worship the sister servants of the Holy Spirit, more known as the Pink Sisters, and pray for you. Another famous church is the Church of Our Lady of Lourdes, a scenic wedding destination. Besides these places of worship, you can visit Tierra De María. Watch the 50-foot images of Nuestra Señora De Manaoag.


Nature Attractions

Although Taal Lake and Taal Volcano considered being part of Batangas Province. Most tourists think you can get the best view of the two natural wonders of the

Mountains. Tagaytay is a great starting point for exploring these two attractions. To visit the place, ride a jeepney or tricycle to Talisay in Batangas. This trip lasts less than an hour. In the city proper and prefer to go hiking. Can rent a few boats to cross the aliexpress clothingcrater of the Taal and Taal volcanoes.

Attraction by people Making

It has many discounts on tourist attractions and tourist attractions. Regardless of your interest as a traveler, you will find it at Tagaytay. To carry out an interesting fusion project, the whole family can picnic in Picnic Grove. While enjoying the sumptuous greens, enjoy a home-cooked food in the cabin. It has an ecological footprint and a zip line for interesting activities after lunch. The Sky People’s Park at the highest point of the city a good place to spend time and sightseeing.


Due to amusement parks and other unique attractions, This place an ideal destination for children. Puzzle Tower is a fun place to visit. The museum has over 1,000 riddles. Children and children of the heart can try different attractions in Sky Ranch for an interesting experience.

Events and Festivals
If you want to experience the other side of this place, plan your visit in the first week of May. The city will be in full swing as it will celebrate the annual Pilipinyahan Festival. Pineapple is one of the main products of this town. It’s the local government’s initiative, Residents celebrate a festival to commemorate fruits and promote tourism in the city. Similar to other Philippine parties, this festival host a variety of activities. Such as street dancing, costume shows, and glamorous floating parades.


READ: Visit This Majestic Location: The Tagaytay, Cavite, Philippines 2

Visit This Majestic Location: The Tagaytay, Cavite, Philippines 1

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