Terms and Condition

vzblogging.com may change the rules of the store. These rules apply to all customers requesting this store. These terms will guide your handling of this site. Please read these terms and be sure to understand these terms before ordering any products on the site. Please note it will need to accept these terms before placing an order. If you refuse to accept these terms, you may not ask for any products from this website.

The store is not responsible for any loss (significant or ethical) caused by the customer.

Payment method

  • vzblogging.com accepts payments via PayPal Express Checkout including Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, and Maestro card payments.
  • We make sure all payments are secure and allowed by our customers for the safest shopping experience.
  • All payments and orders must complete on our website. We do not accept payment through our customer service hotline, permanent orders, remittances, or checks.
  • Please note that vzblogging.com does not store any payment details on our website. The card details displayed are for your viewing and storage on an encrypted network. Customers can make payments most effective.

Our products All our products delivered by our distributors. Our store cannot verify the quality of the products and packaging. If we damage the product, you can return it. How to do it, read the reimbursement section. Some of our products may carry labels from different manufacturers that purchased at brand stores. Law requires all brand store labels to removed from products sold on our website. We give our best to make sure we do this work. But, some products imported on hangers and have no protective packaging, so they will deliver as lost items. We offer our customers the right to reimburse purchases from our website, which determined in the refund policy.

Personal information

We only use your personal information following our privacy policy. Take the time to read our privacy policy as it has important terms that apply to you.

Use of the website

From time to time, we may assign added requirements to all or any of our products through the website. Viewing, ordering the product, or using the site in any other way. You confirm that you accept these terms and that you follow all other requirements we specify (if applicable). When making any order or ask, you agree that all details provided to us are correct. That you are the allowed use of the credit or debit card used to place the order or ask.

There are enough funds to pay the cost of the required product. It is your responsibility to let know us of any changes to these details as soon as possible. You are responsible for ensuring compliance with the laws governing the purchase, import, transportation, and use of products governing your jurisdiction.