The Best 5 Plans for camping in the backyard

If your family is not afraid of bears, Giardia, strangers keep you awake, cold, hot or mosquito bites at night. Backyard camping is the funniest fun your family can enjoy. If you were afraid of them, your family may be cautious because camping is not always strict and smiling.

But living in a tent doesn’t mean using sheets like toilet paper. Or hanging dehydrated food on trees to prevent hungry creatures from eating them. No, camping with your family is as simple as installing a tent in the backyard. Pretending that your iPad is not 10 steps away. Simple idea and anyone with a small green space can do this.

1. Acknowledge the starry and the starry sky

Darkness can daunt even adults in their backyard. Choose a sunny night on a full moon, and children may not afraid of ghost stories.

Try to plan a night of a great astronomical event. In the Northern Hemisphere, the Perseid meteor shower takes place in August every year. Small campers receive 50 to 100 meteoroids per hour. But, wait late at night because the show will improve after midnight. It will be better during the dark hours before dawn. If you are camping in the Southern Hemisphere, you might do it in the warm months. Try to find the Geminid meteor shower. Which takes place around December and follows a pattern like the Perseus [source: EarthSky]. (The devotees of the dark sky can watch this show in the Northern Hemisphere.)

The Best 5 Plans for camping in the backyard

2. Return to nature

The grasslands of prefabricated houses are nature. In our backyard, we should allow children to see the surrounding desert. Stroll from the environment the neighborhood and start a new night. Take some binoculars to watch birds and collect different leaves or plants. Let the children at home try to find the birds or plants they view from the wild guide.

Nature more than just learning what you are seeing during finding. Give the children a onetime camera to take pictures of some natural worlds. Or near the backyard and create an up-and-coming wildlife photographer.

Extra lesson: Take this opportunity to teach children how the indigenous tribes of the area lived before the settlers moved. Discover something to eat, or try to make some tools they have used.

If we lose the meteor shower, don’t worry. You can always drag a day to choose one or two constellations with your child. Let them try what the ancient Greeks did and look for images or stories in the starry network. If everything fails, try to detect meteors and satellites.

3. Give them some space

At any certain point, ​​a family camp will be the second most interesting activity that children can imagine. The first? No mom and dad camping. very fair. No one likes a classmate who keeps asking if you have brushed your teeth.

The Best 5 Plans for camping

For young children, camping alone in the backyard is a great way to immerse your toes in waters. Safe means for over-parenting parents to take off certain strict rules. It is a good time to have a real conversation with the children on how to keep their neighbors safe.

If instructing how to stay safe in a desert is more interesting. Discuss with your kids what you need for a real camping trip and collect what you can get at home. Lanterns, warm blankets, insect repellents, trail mixes: You need to set the important things in the camp. Add a compass to find out how to figure direct the foreign country. Least the lesson about the North.

4. Make it a dinner Events

The backyard camping, if done well, should not only show regular camping trips. But steal the most important elements and improve them through the comfort of home. What the camp does not hold a meal next to the campfire?

There are always old resources: for example, they grill hot dogs on the flame of your swing. No one goes to bed without roasting marshmallows in their stomachs. But create. If you want to experience the camp. Try grilling a fish and wrapping it on the grill with the leaves that children collect from the terrace. Maple leaves work and give you serious credit for dinner.

The Best 5 Plans for camping

Don’t forget the foil: wrapping a bunch of potatoes and onions in the stuff, baking them a camp choice. For desserts, if cakes are not enough, cut them into bananas and peel them. Fill with a mixture of butter and brown sugar and seal with aluminum foil. Let the bananas roast on your sugary and buttery skin. You will have a delicious tropical dessert reminiscent of camping on the beach.

5. Camp in the cold

This may depend on your device or its location. But don’t assume that camping is only in the dog’s summer. You may have to include a heavier sleeping bag (and plan around rain or snow). But, the house is close enough that it traps no one in a blizzard.

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Other seasons camping presents challenges, but it can be very interesting. The fall seasons, it may accuse children of picking the most charming autumn leaves. Or use this season to try to “disguise” the store with many fallen leaves.

Even non-cold winter nights can bring amazing benefits to family camps. Try this at night if uncertain. Build a small fire pit in the backyard, away from the trees, near fire extinguishers or hoses. Be sure to read the right technique, but it’s as easy as burrowing and touching with a stone. Let the children pick up some sticks and cockroaches. Even on the coldest winter nights, you can gather around the campfire.x

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