2019 Traslacion Organizers Expect 21-M Devotees

2019 Traslacion Organizers Expect 21-M Devotees

Traslacion organizers of the annual Nazareth celebrations estimate. Over 21 million devotees will take part in a 10-day celebration that begins December 31, 2019. Continue until January 9, 2019 “traslacion” or parade From Quirino Luneta Grandstand. Stop to the chapel of the Black Nazarene (Quiapo Church) on Quezon Avenue in Manila.

The data on government agencies since last year. The record has 21 million people from the beginning to the end of the celebration. Every year we want it to grow, over 21 million, and we trust the parish priest. Fr. Danichi Hui said on Thursday. The bishop urged devotees, those with health problems. Don’t join the parade because they could pray at the 14 prayer stations placed along the traslacion route.

People with high blood pressure or heart disease need not take part in the parade. There will be a prayer station. He says. Hui added that every 6 pm. From December 31st they will hold to January 8th, Novena at the Quiapo Church. At midnight January 8, it will hold the mass of the festival in the Quirino Grandstand. They will hold the holy prayer at 4 am, followed by the main event of the party, Traslacion.

There were 14 prayer stations on the celebrations on January 9th. Waiting for the traslacion to pass, creating a praying atmosphere and solemnity of the occasion.

The parish priest Douglas Badong said they will hold the parade throughout the country. He said the areas where the black Nazarene parade will take part in Tagum, Davao; Catarman, Samar; Nueva Vizcaya, Palawan, Bicol, Cagayan de Oro, and Batanes. Badong announces Batanes will take part for the first time. He announced the traslacion will take place too in the United Arab.

The Manila government said the 2019 Traslacion route is the same as last year. Officials from local government departments in Manila said on Friday…

photo by kamalayan from flickr

The Manila government said the 2019 Traslacion route is the same as last year. Officials from local government departments in Manila said on Friday. The conversion route for Black Nazareth this year same to the 2018 edition. This year’s parade route will not change. The parade will pass through the opposite side of P. Burgos on the west side. After an information meeting at the Quiapo Church, Manila City administrator Ericson Acovendaz told reporters.

We will not pass Lagusnilad. This the second year that the parade did not pass the Lagusnilad section. Base on information released by the Black Nazarene Priory. The traslacion will begin around 5 in the morning after the morning prayer at the Quirino Grandstand in Rizal Park. From the Quirino Grandstand, the parade will pass through Katigbak Drive to Padre Burgos Street. Turn left onto Taft Avenue to Jones Bridge, then turn right into Dasmariñas Street.

After that, the Black Nazarene carriage will turn right onto Sta. Cruz Street. Turn left onto Carlos Palanca Street under the Quezon Bridge. Turn left onto Quezon Boulevard, turn right onto Arlegui Street. Next right onto Fraternal Street, off Vergara Street, left Dueque de Alba Street. Goes left onto Castillejos Street, left Farencio Street, and return to Arlegui and turn right.

Next is Nepomuceno Street on the left, Concepción Aguila Street on the left. Cancer Street on the right, Hidalgo on the right, Plaza del Carmen on the right. Bilibid Viejo on the left, Gonzalo Puyat Street, the left of Z.P. de Guzman street before returning to Hidalgo. Turn left at Bautista Street, next turn right at Arlegui, turn left at Quezon Boulevard. Next at right Palanca under Quezon Bridge, then turn right at Villalobos Street, later arrive at Plaza Miranda.

The priest of Quiapo Church hopes the statue Black Nazarene will return to the cathedral at 2:30 in the morning. The next day, January 10.

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