Outside Dinner: Treat Your Baby Eat At The Restaurant

When our baby was just over a one-year-old. My wife and I went with our family to our favorite pre-pregnancy restaurant. I am more similar the “take a child and understand what happens”. But my wife anxious that our daughter will collapse, we might embarrass.

Once hurt, twice shy

As it worries my wife, our first break is a complete disaster. Everything can go wrong. We spend a month and a half to get the courage to try again. We tried to do this, but this time we have a plan (check our suggestion next). My wife and I got nervous on our next move into the exciting world of dining. No one has ever been disappointed. Our daughter knocked on a glass of water and ate a crayon that our waiters brought with care. But we appreciate that when a couple in the vicinity congratulated our good children, our careful planning succeed.

Treat Your Baby Eating At The Restaurant

  • Where to go?
  • Stay away from crowded and noisy places unless you know what your baby likes.
  • Call ahead to decide if the baby is welcome and make sure the restaurant has enough high chairs.
  • Keep at random. White tablecloths and crystal glasses are suitable for babies, and the color of the bull is red.
  • In the restaurant
  • Occupy near the exit. You may need to take the annoying baby out of the restaurant.
  • If your baby wants to eat with you. Don’t forget your food and the extra spoons in case one (or two) falls on the floor.

If your baby is walking, please don’t let him visit other tables. Unless, it assures you the people beyond wanted to have visited. This may good for you, but annoying to others. In addition, stray babies (and crawling) are stumbling danger for waiters.

If you hold your baby on your lap, be very careful. The child is born with a sixth sense of the restaurant. They will put themselves into any sharp things, and when it overflows, it will cause the greatest disaster.

Restaurant staff has no time to entertain your baby. They are busy and have plenty of important tasks to do.

Don’t be ashamed to leave. The baby will melt, explode, and get sick.

Try to go home and go to bed with your baby. Various pressure to stay in an unusual place.
For older babies, when you are waiting for food, you can bring toys or activities to entertain them.

See what works for your toddler and adjust the plan. You will only brave enough to try your first family trip and learn to improve it.

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Outside Dinner: Treat Your Baby Eating At The Restaurant

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