Treatment of electrical hyper-sensitivity with detoxification and PEMF Therapy

Deal with sensitivity is a delicate and complicated thing. If a person is sensitive to electromagnetic pollution, electromagnetic fields. They were likely to be uncomfortable in other areas. The solutions to these problems are individualistic and difficult to generalize. The general rule of thumb is to take your time.

The sensitivity is because of two factors. Increased psychological sensitivity to stimulating sensors on the skin. Particular, and/or overreaction of the response system. It exposed the toxicity of the nervous or metabolic system to the magnetic field. People have combined multiple factors. Awareness, education, and assurance aided the former. Detoxification can only help the latter. Toxicity treatment is essential as an integral part of overall human management. Even with the use of TM (magnetic therapy). Sensitivity can range from mild to severe. By knowing they are within this range will guide the approach taken.

The first goal of insensitivity is to reduce exposure to the field. You can control the duration, the total area of ​​the exposure. Or the position and intensity of the exposure, and sometimes the frequency. By reducing any of them may help. All we can do is reduce/eliminate one at a time. To find out which works for someone at a specific time. Treatment is a “moving target” because treatment changes the body’s processes. Must adjust as treatment changes occur, for the better. This is like peeling an onion layer. In terms of homeopathy, called Hering’s law.


If the sensitivity is severe, reduce the 3 parameters (area, duration, or intensity) to see if it helps. First, set the settings at the beginning of the sensitivity (the duration and level). If it only occurs after the treatment lasts for a while. You can try to return to the settings before the sensitive reaction started. Continue the previous level of treatment until the body seems comfortable. You may never go through to climb higher. If the person feels comfortable at the previous level again. Stay at that level for at least a week, and then re-establish it. Take it on sensitive people. Slow-the level of frequency, or intensity of at least one week.

For some people, intensity is important. Sometimes, duration is more important. In other cases, it is more important to limit the number (area) of exposed bodies. It is more important to choose other parts of the body for treatment. Away from the problem area, higher or lower in the body. From the point of view of acupuncture: above the previous problem, below the latter problem. For some people, program settings or frequency may be more important. The system program understanding is essential. Some procedures are very calm, or even too calm. Some may be over-stimulated, depending on the cause of sensitivity.

PEMF Therapy

It also helps limit exposure to other non-ionizing radiation during treatment. For example, sitting near a TV (within 15 feet). By sitting in front of a computer monitor for a few hours, fluorescent lights, noise, and vibration (including certain music). Ultraviolet (sun) exposure from bare skin, use of hair and other electrical equipment clothes dryers, heating blankets, mobile phones. Without hands-free accessories/adapters, microwave ovens, photocopiers, and many electrical pieces of equipment in the workplace. These devices or device sources are the settings used to experience tend the MV system. Some occupations make people vulnerable to overexposure and sensitivity. Work is the basis for increasing sensitivity to other sources of exposure.

Using any treatment system requires confidence from experience. TM application is an experiment because the results cannot guarantee. When looking at certain people, certain types of predictions are possible or should consider.

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