Several ways we can go trying to take a vacation or desperate to get away from stressful days. Favorable ways to do is to go backpacking. Makes possible to spend time with friends and family relaxing in a place without having to spend more dollars.

Bring an inflatable tent, right tools to use and discover how to create a camping site. Install the inflatable tent spend time and you have a first-rate shelter.

Must clean the Surrounding first before installing the inflatable tent. Move away from any sharp objects that could damage the air pump. Next, you need to lie the tarp as a layer of protection ready to take out your tent.

Enable air flow, turn on the air pump connected to the tent. Be sure you changed out the batteries before you left. Should take a second or less to pump the tent. Connect the ground stakes these will secure the ground when the wind blows.

Prepare your place, backpack and sleeping bag, an inflatable tent is ready. The time to relax, rest at the camp and enjoy your few days in a quiet place.

Inflatable Tent (Air)

Prepare your place, backpack and sleeping bag, an inflatable tent is ready. The time to relax, rest at the camp and enjoy your few days in a quiet place.

New and rare design, inflatable tent have the same assembly as the tunnel or big tent, but without a pole. hollow boards with air to form a rigid assembly, these tents are not rods.

Need a pump to inflate the tent, and although they don’t have a pole. Can place on the heavier side, making them more suitable for campers and large camps. New design innovations on the market, the inflatable tent won’t cost you much money.

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The main value of a gas-filled tent, once you laid and fixed the clamping line with the tent-pin. Open the pump to inflate the frame and design your tent. A good choice for a comfortable sleeping choice.

Advantages of camping inflatable tents;

  • The launch simple and involves only an air pump;no help, they can do it by one person.
  • Flexible configuration no poles mean the effort to reduce weight and launch.
  • Give enough headroom and storage space and living space.
  • Reduce the risk of accidents with metal snaps because they are safer without poles.

Disadvantages of camping inflatable tent;

  • Heavy compared to other catfish styles.
  • Expensive for the new technology.
  • Hard to find very large sizes.
Air Tent, Sleeps 6

Wenzel Vortex
Air Tent, Sleeps 6
Price: $501.03
Air Tent, Sleeps 8

Wenzel Vortex
Air Tent, Sleeps 8
Price: $407.98

Air Tent, Sleeps 4

Wenzel Vortex
Air Tent, Sleeps 4
Price: $140.20

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