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As a business owner or future blogger, choosing a quality Webhost service should be on top of your list. A hosting provider is charged with the task of keeping your website online and operational. This ensures it is accessible to your visitors and in return potential customers. Your key areas a hosting service should cater to range from work emails to lead generation as these two factors ensure effective communication and much-desired traffic.

If you are on an unreliable platform, your presence is affected and the negative effects include losing potential customers, loyal followers, and new visitors. Therefore, your web service investment should not only cater to these demands but also be consistent. With that in mind, these are the factors to consider when selecting a suitable webhosting provider for your business.

My Web Hosting Pick of the Day TD Web Services


While the rule of thumb that says you get what you pay for is true, that doesn’t mean you should pay for services you may get at reasonable rates. The price you part with should first and foremost cater to quality hardware. This doesn’t come free in many providers like those that charge $1.99 a month. Free service companies and those that charge next to a penny will not cater to the huge demands of your growing business, neither pay.

Up time

This is a sensitive area as it determines whether or not your business be accessed at all time. Every hosting platform you consider should have a minimum uptime of 99.99%. This is an industry standard and anything fewer should not be considered.


There are many threats ready to pounce on your business. They vary from viruses, malware, spam or any malicious compromise. The security of your website should be free of threats with a firewall in place. This is one of the benefits of a trustworthy hosting provider.

Support service

You should only consider a hosting provider with a world-class 24 hours customer service. You will face all sort of challenges with your website that demand more than email support. A call support is more effective and faster when tackling a problem. Hearing a voice on the other end will endear customers towards a company.

Tools and infrastructure

Many hosting providers sell services that they themselves have purchased from other bigger companies. This is not completely wrong although there are some disadvantages to this kind of setup. A technical problem on your end may take longer to fix for too many heads involved. In such a case, I always recommend a service provider with a direct access to their servers.

Web Services Pick of the Day

When it comes to hardware, be keen on the type of machines your company currently using. They must be at least top-of-the-shelf, just out of the box machines. If the company is not open with you regarding what type of servers they are using, go ahead and inquire in order to make sure their hardware does not affect the performance of their own servers and the functionality of your site. Having worked with many hosting providers, I have had bitter-sweet experiences each coming with its own unique lesson.

I have also reviewed some of the household names like HostGator and Bluehost in search of the perfect hosting company to recommend to my followers. In my opinion, I have to confess the household names do not deliver as advertised. Instead, I have found refuge in a quieter but a trustworthy company that offers far more than what is on paper.

My Web Hosting Pick

TD Web Services has good reasons to be popular among its users. Like many other companies, TD Web Services is easy-to-install features, a trusty and consistent service, affordability, and world-class 24hr customer support. Take note that these are just some of the fractional benefits you enjoy as a TDWS user, as the company itself prioritizes communication and customer satisfaction along with the uniqueness of service not fear to be different.

You also get a free switch that allows you to migrate from your current hosting provider.
Like I mentioned above, these guys have a down-to-earth customer service that responds quickly to everyday technical issues.
They also have a plan for every need and scalable enough to enable you to expand in the future.

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