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Latest Yanagisawa WO Series Alto Saxophones


Alto Saxophones

Expert and First class Saxophones Models, Yanagisawa’s WO progression offers two different scopes of alto saxophones in assortment, arrangements, and completion of the method.

The “Expert” models, which join A-Wo1, successor to the well-known, sells leader A901 Alto, meant for the superior player who takes pleasure in a mixture of musical types. They convey a free blowing, resounding body, which houses an exceptional ergonomic key configuration, making those troublesome entries that simpler for the player. A-Wo1 and A-Wo2 expert models are accessible in two diverse setups/completion.

The first-class models add improvement from Expert models which join A-Wo10, substitute for A991. These correspond to the finest from Yanagisawa offer easy tone with included profundity permitting the player full opportunity to communicate. A model inside the first-class range, the expert range. They are accessible in two distinctive completions and so forth.

A-Wo1 along with A-W10 Saxophones

Yanagisawa has invested a while attempting to enhance segment parts of these models. A-W01’s ancestor, A901 was fruitful and turned into the main choice for players who had arrived at rank 5+ and required a right value. The developed saxophone could last them through their playing profession. A991 was a top pick for professional players. Yanagisawa alto saxophones aspire to bring unequal models that going to the new standard.

Latest Yanagisawa WO Series Alto Saxophones

Body material and configuration

Begin with the real body, Yanagisawa alto saxophones have picked another wellspring of metal for both Wo1 and W10 bodies, which they consider offers a superior sound and resonation. The body and tone openings have likewise redesigned for smoother blowing and a better inflection.

Ergonomic development

Various enhancements have occurred here, concentrating on vital part unfolding to keys. The front F key updated, the right pinky key has had its edge adjusted both changes are to encourage smoother finger work. There is a palm key platter on both versions. One time just accessible on the higher spec models. Advances included reverberation and profundity over the high range.

Yanagisawa saxophone has furthermore recognized the need for a more exceptional case, appealing convenient, combine a hearty rucksack style plan with helpful outside pouch.

Yamaha Alto Saxophone


Whilst the body detail and shape is the same. The first huge distinction lies in the technique. Which the keys of the instrument appended to the body. On A-Wo1 saxophone, the key presents appended on the instrument. But, with A-Wo10, a “ribbed” assembly applied whereby the keys connected to a long strip (the rib) which linked to the body.

Latest Yanagisawa WO Series Saxophones

This result is a more concrete framework and superior mass of the body which helps a darker tone. A-Wo10 saxophone likewise varies from A-Wo1 because it emphasizes an under dangle neck device on the octave key. This uses an alternate brisk from a conventional octave key strategy. Which augments the mass of the neck, changing its sense of balance. Making a hotter tone and convey better reaction and consistency.


We do have two extraordinary all-around saxophones, which will attract both jazz and established players. The delight of fabulous sound, reaction, infection, and dependability consolidated with the habitual reliability behind the Yanagisawa name ought to guarantee that these models stand the test of time and keep up Yanagisawa’s place as a leader in the saxophone market.

Alto Saxophones

Yamaha YBS-52 Intermediate Baritone Saxophone

Yamaha YBS-52 Intermediate Baritone Saxophone Bari Sax *Overhauled*Ready to play

Price: US $4,590.00

YBS52 is the most popular baritone saxophone Yamaha. It offers professional quality construction and features but at the cost of an average instrument. Many of its device based on the highest professional saxophones and shares many of the equal characteristics. The saxophone sensitive to an amazing tone and melody. It is a popular choice among many advanced and perfect for doubles players. The Yamaha YBS52 is a designed octave mechanism, resulting in smooth octave transitions.

Latest Yanagisawa WO Series Saxophones

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Soprano Saxophone

Yanagisawa used Soprano Saxophone S-901II # 307xx1 j3imi2 Used from Japan EMS

Price: US $2,887.00

A professional soprano saxophone Yanagisawa with a bell engraved by hand. This model is popular among jazz musicians as a classical musician. It has a good response, tuning, and unmatched reliability. Made of yellow brass with a lacquer finish. saxophone comes complete with a case and accessories.

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