Yoek UK plus-size womens clothing

plus-size womens clothing

In the early days, plus-size womens clothing didn’t have many options for clothing. Since designers seem to ignore them, they can’t keep up with the latest fashion trends in their sizes. But over the past 20 years, the fashion industry has seen a boom to accommodate plus-size womens clothing. It will benefit a large population made up of many larger-than-usual women. Many designers are now working on designs for fuller women. The 1980s were a busy time for some stores that took notice and focused on plus-size womens clothing. Today, more and more manufacturers trying to meet the plus-size womens clothing needs of the larger population. They are making a lot of money from it.

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7.Sweaters and Cardigans
8.Coats and Blazers
14.Beauty and Accessories
15.Party Boutique

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Plus size dresses:
Dresses are the essence of femininity for women. Show off your curves in a pretty dress more often than not? Especially for curvy women, dresses are perfect as they flatter the figure and feminine curves. Dresses versatile, dresses can wear anytime; from summer to winter! In Yoek, you can find all kinds of beautiful plus size dresses for every style and occasion!

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  • £214.51

The new Black Label collection recalls Jackie Kennedy’s signature style. Delicate scattered pearls accent this neckline dress. It has a rear zipper.

The model is 177 cm tall and is wearing a size 42/44.

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Types of plus size women’s dresses:
All curvy women will feel beautiful and confident in Yoek’s oversized dress! In Yoek, you will find a wide range of plus size dresses. Whether you are looking for business dresses for the office, summer maxi dresses for the holidays. Elegant little black dresses with beautiful details, wrap dresses. A-line dresses, shirt dresses or sweater dresses, you will find it in our online store.


Your Favorite Plus Size Dream Dress! Yoek has original collections, each with its own style. From casual to chic, a variety of stylish prints and colors are available. Choose an elegant holiday fashion from our Black Label collection. Miss Y’s dresses are perfect for sporty or cute looks, paired with classic pieces for a minimal expression. Check out our new portrait tab!

Plus size dresses for a curvy figure:
Our fitted and comfortable fabrics ensure an elegant and feminine look. Yoek has many styles and styles of dresses. Long to short to wide. The wrap dress stresses the waist. With the right dress, you can enhance your feminine image, show off your figure, or hide it. Yoek uses the finest fabrics such as linen, voile and cotton, full of floral and ethnic patterns.

Combine plus size dresses:
Looking for a jacket or blazer to complement your new oversized dress? Or do you like to wear leggings? You can find it in our online store! You can also combine it with a cardigan or a stylish jacket.

Dress ruffled bottom plus-size womens clothing
Dress ruffled bottom LEMON
  • €269.00

With this dress, it will immerse you in the dreamy atmosphere of the lemon district of Amalfi, Italy. A fresh swirl print brings summer vibes to this dress in lightweight linen. It’s styled with long sleeves, a romantic ruffled hem and a button front. IMPORTANT: This dress has three-quarter sleeves in the model’s image, the dress has long sleeves.

The model is 177 cm tall and is wearing a size 42/44.



Basic clothing for plus sizes:
The ideal plus-size wardrobe starts with timeless basics. Yoek has the best plus-size basics, from petticoats and tank tops to black, white, navy. Off-white pants and leggings that can add to any fashion.

Dress sleeveless wide DOLCE
  • £93.56

Sleeveless dress in dolce material for unlimited layering. The design features a wide fit and wide shoulder straps.

The model is 177 cm tall and is wearing a size 42/44.

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Additional 10% discount on our outlet category when using Couponcode “YoekOutlet” upon checkout.
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The basis for your plus size wardrobe:
Our plus-size basic tops and tees are perfect for pairing with trousers or jeans. If you like basic outfits, then you’ll have our tops ready in no time! You still want to add a little something to your outfit. Our basic tops are perfect for wearing under a cardigan or jacket, or paired with a sheer top. Plus-size lingerie tops are long, making them ideal for wearing as a slip dress. Flattering your figure, Yoek’s plus size jeans are the perfect complement to any casual outfit. Basic items are indispensable in every curvy woman’s wardrobe. Once you’ve found your favorite basics, you can complete your outfit with a dark tunic or jacket.


For every figure a sure:
Our basics are available in a variety of styles, from skinny to wide. The most striking cuts flare and wide. Tops in these styles flare out from the underarms and are perfect for curvy women. Learn more about our fit and find the right fit for your body. Not only do our tops come in different styles. But also pants and jeans are available in a variety of styles. We have stylish wide-leg pants, as well as more casual skinny jeans.

High quality plus size basics:
All of Yoek’s large basic design for a comfortable fit and made with the finest quality materials. The base of our dolce material is strong and elastic. It can combine dolce Basics with our other Dolce pieces, featuring prints and visible details every season. Basic viscose clothing is breathable and feels great on the skin. In addition, we also offer voile tops and pants for an added look. We can combine well these with our stylish products from the Black Label range. For lovers of natural materials, there are also large cotton shirts. For more information on our fabrics, see the fabric guide.

Raincoat hooded plus-size womens clothing
Raincoat hooded
  • €259.00

How to wear it on rainy days? Asked Questions When Living in Western Europe! We’ve added new jackets for our raincoat collection. This one stands out with a single button front, flame matte buttons and a zipper for rain protection. They made the hooded jacket from a blend of polyester and polyamide for a soft touch. It has side pockets with hidden zips, folded cuffs and a back vent. Inside, you can pull two laces to create a pleated effect on the back. 10000mm WP / 10000mm MVP/M²/24 hours.

The model is 177 cm tall and is wearing a size 42/44.



Plus size blouses for every figure:
Plus-size blouses are a must-have in every curvy woman’s wardrobe. Yoek has many blouses, so there is always one that suits your needs. We have long tops that can be worn as dresses. You prefer to wear long garments over the hips. Do you own a pear shape? Then the blouse that we embellished around the neck fit. Or opt for a shirt with short ruffled or ruffled sleeves. Attention thus shifts to the neck and shoulders to create a beautiful silhouette. All Yoek blouses are comfortable to wear thanks to their loose fit that makes every woman feel stylish and confident. In Yoek’s Plus Size Online Store, you’re sure to find a shirt that fits you and your figure.

Colours, prints and materials of our plus size blouses:
Yoek has plus-size tops in a variety of colours, patterns, and materials. A stylish boyfriend shirt in denim and cotton, or an elegant holiday blouse in elegant chiffon. Besides our basic plain shirts, we also stock a variety of bold blouses in colours and patterns. Floral prints return every season, but each time in new looks and new colours. The classic striped blouse is also available in Yoek. Yoek’s product range is also diverse in terms of materials. We have light summer blouses made of linen, and garments that are soft, soft, and silky to the touch. All materials used are of high quality, allowing each item to fit. Do you like the Scandinavian style? Then the Portraits shirt might be for you! These simple pieces made of pure materials are timeless, timeless, and enduring.


Different possibilities to combine a large size blouse:
Yoek’s plus size blouses are suitable for all styles and different occasions. If you’re looking for an elegant, festive look, choose one of our blouses embellished with sparkling gems or sequins. Pair with elegant wide-leg pants or pencil skirts. To complete the elegant presence, wear pretty heels and eye-catching jewellery. Our blouses, like basic white or striped blouses, are perfect for the office. You can create a classic business view with a blazer and skirt. Or wear one of our plus-size tops with jeans and cool sneakers. We can also pair a denim blouse with jeans for a super stylish denim presence. If you’re looking for more fun fashion pieces, check out the Miss Y collection!

Blouse A-line tiger
Blouse A-line tiger LEATHER
  • €949.90

A standout and luxurious style in this portrait series. This tiger-embossed suede blouse will be a staple in your wardrobe for years to come. This blouse has a button in the front and A-line cut.

The model is 177 cm tall and is wearing a size 42/44.



Plus size ladies shirts:
In Yoek, you will find the most beautiful plus-size shirts of top quality. Yoek’s plus size shirts are the perfect addition to your wardrobe. All of our t-shirts are easy to match and comfortable to wear.

Types of plus size ladies shirts for every occasion:
Inspired by a wide range of shirts in different fits and lengths, these shirts will flatter every figure. For example, Yoek has a wide selection of V-Neck T-shirts, Crew Neck T-shirts, and Long Sleeve T-shirts. Short-Sleeve T-shirts, Basic T-shirts, or Printed T-shirts. Yoek’s stylish shirts are suitable for every occasion, from business work to parties. In the online store, you can find the latest shirts with trendy sequins and colourful prints. Our shirts have special details, so you can create a casual yet chic fashion.

Combine plus size shirts:
A basic plus size shirt is the perfect base for any outfit and can be worn all year round. For example, pair a shirt with a blazer for a chic fashion. Or pair a Yoek shirt with our jeans or pants for a casual view. It’s all possible!

Shirt high neck
Shirt high neck DOLCE
  • €165.00

Wear this voluminous shirt and make you look stunning. This item has silver zippers on the side and is made of soft fabric. Two cinch laces trim the neckline.

The model is 177 cm tall and is wearing a size 42/44.



Plus size tunics for every occasion:
A stylish gown for curvy ladies. You’re looking for a glamorous tunic for a night out or a cosy Sunday. Yoek has you covered. There are many oversized tunics for different occasions, from festive and dressy to more casual and sporty styles. We offer linen tunics and shirts for the hottest days of summer. As an elegant tunic for dinner parties or parties. You can find the prettiest gowns online at Yoek!

Tunics with prints and details or basic tunics:
Yoek offers oversized tunics in sizes 38 to 60 with colourful prints, patterns, and beautifully embroidered details. Or embellished with sequins and sparkling gems. In addition, there are elegant gowns in plain black or dark blue with simple designs. Consistent quality. Yoek is comfortable to wear and fits all body types.

Combine plus size tunics:
What’s the best way to incorporate a Yoek robe? Because our tunics are longer, they fit all body types and are perfect with leggings or relaxed skinny jeans. Some tunic suits are too long for sufficient to be put on with bodysuits or exposed legs this summer. You can also wear our summer beach tops over your swimsuit and your favourite sandals.

Tunic front pleat
Tunic front pleat LINEN
  • €209.00

Easy to create a clean, timeless look. This tunic features large buttons at the neckline. Made from pure linen and finished with a rounded hem. You can wear it as an open-leg dress or add a pair of linen trousers as a tunic.

The model is 177 cm tall and is wearing a size 42/44.



Plus size ladies singlets and tops:
In Yoek, you can buy the most beautiful plus-size women’s singlets online. The perfect basic singlets to wear under a jacket or grab the eye with a bold print or detail.

Plus size singlets and tops for every occasion:
You can wear a singlet anywhere year-round. Yoek’s plus size women’s singlets are perfect for winter wear under shirts, singlets, or jackets. But we also have beautiful singlets for summer plus-size women. You’ll find beautiful tops with embellishments and exclusive details at the Yoek online store. Ruffles, flowers, polka dots, and other prints are trending this season and are perfect for any plus-size person. Ruffles draw attention to the feminine neckline and shoulders, and our colourful prints give it a clean, playful vibe. Do you like to wear tops with sleeves? Then check out our singlets. Or wear a cardigan over your sleeveless top.

Fits plus size singlets:
Plus size tops are available in different fits, learn more about our wide, flared, and loose fit here. Plus-size singlets are made from a variety of comfortable materials such as cotton or viscose. You’ll never get bored with these basic plus-size tops! For curvy women, we own many A-line tops that hide problem areas and let you shine. We also own Yoek tops with different necklines, such as V neck, crew neck, or waterfall neck.


Most Yoek singlets feature wide shoulder straps for a fitted, feminine silhouette. But we also have several models with spaghetti straps. These elegant and feminine tops are perfect for summer wear or under a shirt or cardigan. The shoulder straps are adjustable, so there is something for everyone!

Tops large sizes in different models:
You can create endless stylish combinations with Yoek women’s singlets. At Yoek, you can find tops and vests in different sizes, plus sizes to suit your style! Comes with fun designs like polka dots, flowers, or stripes. Singlets are essential and always match your outfit. A-line tops are the perfect base for an elegant look under a cardigan, jacket, or blazer. Pair your singlets with plus-size jeans as well.

Singlet wide bottom
Singlet wide bottom ZEBRA
  • €139.90

Let us make your sleeveless summer pieces. In Yoek, we have a lot of solid colour tees. But it’s nice to switch to printed pieces now and then. This two-tone zebra print features a scoop neck and shimmering ribbed trim. The bottom of this singlet is fitted and made of dolce.

The model is 177 cm tall and is wearing a size 42/44.

7.Sweaters and Cardigans

Sweaters & Cardigans

Plus size cardigans for women:
With Yoek’s assortment of oversized cardigans, you’ll find your new favourite! Cardigans are available in sizes 38 to 60 in many styles, materials, and styles. An oversized cardigan is practical as an extra layer of warmth. But it also looks very classy and can be worn.

Find your favorite cardigan at Yoek:
Yoek has a wide variety of elegant cardigans decorated with sequins, lace, or pearls. With these items, your outfit will become festive. Also, check out our Black Label collection for more festive merchandise. Elegant cardigans or plus-size modern kimonos in translucent chiffon can wear. Such as parties or a day at the beach. Of course, there are also long, soft cardigans that look stylish while keeping you warm on colder days. For a more sporty style. You can visit our Miss Y collection, where you can find stylish sweaters and cardigans for casual looks.

Plus size cardigans in different colors and prints:
Yoek cardigans for curvy women are available in a variety of colours and patterns. You’re looking for a nice basic colour cardigan. You can always find a nice one in black or navy at the Yoek online store. These colours are simple to pair with casual wear and what you already have in your closet. Do you prefer this colour? Then you’ve come to the right place Yoek. Solid cardigans are available in this season’s colours across all collections. You want to add a touch of flair to a basic outfit. Choose a cardigan with a bold print, such as classic stripes, romantic flowers, or trendy animal prints.


How do I wear a plus size cardigan?:
Yoek’s plus size cardigan is great to wear over our tops or shirts, and also with jeans. In this way, you can create a comfortable and stylish ensemble. Wear sneakers or boots for a casual glance or high heels for a classy manner. Our cardigans are also perfect for women who like a trendy style. Slip one of these elegant cardigans over a dress or blouse. For beautiful attention to a wedding, dinner, or party. Wear your best heels and add an eye-catching accessory to complete your presence.

Cardigan puff sleeves
Cardigan puff sleeves MATISSE
  • €198.00

How about adding this sunny piece, printed in a colourful abstract design, to refresh your boring black outfit? Long cardigans are best styled with double puff sleeves. It has side slits and is made from the popular Yoek dolce material, also known as wrinkle-resistant travel fabric.

The model is 177 cm tall and is wearing a size 42/44.

8.Coats and Blazers

Coats and Blazers

Large sizes ladies jackets and blazers:
A real must-have in every woman’s wardrobe is a plus-size jacket or blazer. Yoek has a wide variety of plus size women’s jackets and blazers, there’s something for everyone! Yoek’s plus size jackets are available in basic colours and the prettiest prints. A blazer is a perfect piece to wear to work because it looks clean.

Range of large size jackets and blazers:
Yoek’s online store has a wide variety of jackets and a variety of blazers, including cropped and long blazers. Super cheerful bomber, denim, baseball, and kimono with colourful playful prints, pretty appliques, and sporty details. These jackets can brighten any outfit and provide a modern look. In addition, there are a variety of fashionable jackets in floral print, zebra, tiger, snake, stripes, and more. You can also find plus-sized holiday jackets online at Yoek. Pair it with a jacket or blazer with sequins, lace, or pearls and you’ll be the star of every party! Yoek blazers are available in a variety of comfort qualities such as our Dolce quality, linen, cotton, and leather.

Combine your large size blazer or jacket:
Blazers are useful in your wardrobe! You can always wear a blazer for a business or elegant view. For example, by combining a jacket in a classic colour with a neat shirt and dark pants or jeans. Or combine your new Yoek blazer or jacket with a pretty dress or tunic. Are you looking for a warm winter coat? Then glance at our jackets. But you can also wear a jacket or blazer as a breathable summer jacket. Then better in a lighter shade, paired with breathable linen trousers or a stylish pencil skirt. Here are the pretty sandals and you’re ready for summer!

Jacket baseball leather
Jacket baseball LEATHER
  • €1,199.00

How cool is our winter collection of baseball jackets? This beautiful leather piece comes in a long and wide silhouette with two pockets. The striped trim on the bottom makes this product very comfortable. It’s a bit of a surprise to take off the jacket. The inside is metallic silver.

The model is 177 cm tall and is wearing a size 42/44.



Jeans plus sizes:
Clothing that never goes out of style: jeans. Lovely plus-size jeans are the most important must-have item for every curvy woman. Your wardrobe can’t be without a beautiful, glamorous piece from Yoek. From flared to skinny, basic to ruined, we’ve got it all! You’ll find your favourite jeans that show off your curves the most at Yoek!

Plus size jeans for every day:
You can find beautiful jeans for every body type and taste in Yoek. The plus size jeans collection includes skinny jeans. This model has become a true classic and therefore belongs to every wardrobe! Choose from fresh white pieces, ripped jeans, light or dark blue styles, or black skinny jeans to complement every outfit. Leggings don’t suit you? Then we also have a straight fit, available in light and dark blue, or boot cut jeans with flared trousers. We also own jeans in different lengths, such as 7/8 jeans with zipper, cropped pants, or shorts.

High quality plus size jeans:
The durable quality of our plus size jeans guarantees a perfect fit and comfortable wearing comfort. The soft denim fabric is very stretchy and holds great on the skin. Most jeans have a higher waistband, so the pants are comfortable and fit your curves well. Our plus size skinny jeans stress your leg length and fit your curves.

Skinny Jeans

How do you combine the jeans with a size more?:
Jeans fit all body types and can be combined. You can wear plus size jeans to a party or work! Wear high heels and a smart shirt for a sophisticated view. Or opt for sneakers and a cool shirt for a more casual look. Flared jeans, also known as boot cut jeans, are one of our fashion favourites! They pair flared jeans with a tunic for a sleek silhouette. This combination makes you sound taller and gives a chic and flattering effect. Another trend at the moment is white jeans. Opt for an all-white fashion for your summer outfit, or pair it with black for a fun contrast. Also, read our magazine for more clothing inspiration, trends, and interesting news!

Jeans 7/8 leg zipper
Jeans 7/8 leg zipper
  • €109.00

A pair of stylish 7/8 long jeans with a regular zip. Both legs do zippers on the back for a sporty feel.

The model is 177 cm tall and is wearing a size 42/44.



Plus Size Pants For Women:
Plus-size pants are a must-have in your wardrobe and a must-have for every curvy woman. No matter what style you wear, there is always a pair of pants for you. Finding the perfect pants for plus-size women isn’t always easy. Which is in Yoek, we have pants for every body shape. Curvaceous, stylish women can shop Yoek’s online store for beautiful, high-quality oversized pants that fit all shapes and styles.

Yoek’s pants fit and designed for plump women. Details like the elastic waistband and elastic quality make your curves look beautiful. Choose from one of our classic trousers in classic colours. Or opt for trendy trousers with prints such as our animal prints, checks, stripes, polka dots, floral or leather looks.

Lots of choice in large sizes ladies pants:
Whether you’re looking for leggings, booties, straight-leg pants, or wide-leg pants. You’ll find plus-size pants in a variety of shapes at Yoek. There is always a pair of pants that suits you! From clean trousers to stylish trousers with prints. At Yoek you’ll find a wide variety of super comfortable plus size pants. There are also various materials. These premium materials ensure the best fit and maximum wearing comfort. There are natural linen trousers for women, trousers in soft and stretchy Dolce material. Breathable chiffon trousers, and of course our plus size jeans. Many of our plus-size pants and leggings made with an elasticised waist for great comfort.


Combining plus size pants:
Pants can be combined. Good trousers are also important in summer, so choose a breathable material like cotton or linen. Jeans are, of course, a classic in the plus size women’s trousers department. Jeans are the easiest to wear, but other pants are also easy to wear in different ways. Chic with a shirt and jacket or blazer, casual with a T-shirt, sporty with a sweater or cardigan. Check out the full website and get inspired! You may also be interested in our jeans or leggings.

Trousers pintuck leather
Trousers pintuck LEATHER
  • €749.00

Soft leather pants with pleated detailing on the front and rear pockets. These shoes feature an original fashion and an elasticised waist for maximum comfort.

The model is 177 cm tall and is wearing a size 42/44.



Plus size ladies leggings and treggings:
Yoek’s Plus Size Leggings are the ideal outfit! Are you looking for good quality leggings for plus size? At Yoek, you’ll find the perfect black or navy leggings or coloured leggings with prints. Also, discover our beautiful plus-size leather leggings. Every season, Yoek presents beautiful tunics with matching leggings in a print or colour. If you want to cover your legs with a dress, skirt, or tunic. Cute leggings are a comfortable and stylish solution. Plus-size leggings are the perfect alternative to bodysuits or leggings.

Comfortable plus size women’s leggings:
Yoek’s Plus Size Leggings so comfortable that they go with any tunic or dress. With our stretchy Dolce fabric and convenient elastic waistband. Yoek’s stretchy plus-size leggings and leggings are easy to wear and fit to every curvy figure. Classic plain black leggings are a popular choice, but not the only one! Yoek has plus size leggings in a variety of colours, leggings with fun pop prints, and leather leggings. Besides original designs, we also use different materials, such as cotton, viscose, our elastic, and comfortable dolce fabrics or leather.

Combining a plus size legging or tregging:
Plus-size leggings or leggings will work with your favourite plus size dress, skirt, or tunic. For example, wear black leggings instead of bodysuits under a skirt or skirt. This looks good but is also very comfortable. Leggings don’t have to be visible all the time. Yoek also has plus-sized cropped leggings in the collection. These short leggings are also great to go under your skirt or skirt. This prevents the thighs from rubbing against each other.

Legging full stretch leather
Legging full stretch leather
  • €829.00

Smooth leather leggings with an elasticised waist. An eye-catching piece that can wear with any top or tunic.

The model is 177cm tall and wears a size 42/44.



Plus size skirts for women:
In Yoek’s collection, you’ll find many pencil skirts in beautiful patterns every season. Such as animal print, plaid, polka dots, or romantic floral designs. Besides dresses in bright colours and bold patterns. Yoek always has basic plus-size dresses in neutral colours like black and navy blue. With such a basic skirt, it is easy to combine many styles. This should not be missing in the wardrobe of this plus-size stylish woman.

You will find the most beautiful large size skirts at Yoek:
Choose from a classic pencil skirt, a summer print, or a pretty leather or faux leather skirt! A black leather skirt is a must-have for plus-size women. It’s super stylish and shows that you’re proud of your curves. Yoek’s online store also offers ruffled or ruffled skirts. Add femininity to your outfit with these stylish pieces, perfect for parties and work. Yoek has new styles every season, from fitted pencil skirts to trendy pleated plus-size maxi skirts. So in every collection, there will be a skirt that suits your style and taste.

Combine women’s skirts plus sizes:
Yoek’s plus-size skirts are elegant and can be combined. A pencil skirt is a more fitted skirt that is gathered from the waist to the bottom. This classic style is timeless and suitable for many occasions. Wear a large pencil skirt to work, on holiday, or to a party.


Choose your favourite skirt and pair it with a chic blouse or a nice jacket for a modern look. Show off your curves by wearing a blouse or a blouse tucked into your skirt. If you prefer to hide your hips, combine our skirt with a wide-bottomed tunic. These robes are wide and fall just right at the hips, making it easy to create an elegant ensemble.

The skirt Yoek is wearing this summer is gorgeous too! They’re perfect for vacations with t-shirts or singlets. Pair a Yoek pencil skirt or a maxi skirt with sandals. Or cute slippers and you’re ready for a day at the beach! They designed all skirts with elastic waistbands with enough stretch to make these clothes very comfortable and flattering. Because of the wider waist, you can wear the skirt a little higher at the waist. Or a little lower at the hips. The skirt falls below the knee and you have a stylish midi skirt.

Skirt stretch leather
Skirt stretch leather
  • €649.00

A classic skirt in soft leather in a pencil silhouette. Wear it with a Havana suede jacket or a rhinestone dolce shirt. The waist of the skirt is elastic.

The model is 177 cm tall and is wearing a size 42/44.



Loungewear in large sizes:
Sometimes the comfort of clothes is especially important, but it’s even better if they look good too. They created plus-size loungewear for curvy women. From stylish sweatpants plus-size leggings to sweatshirts and flow tops. Also, a must in the wardrobe: a large bathrobe, or what you call a nightgown? It’s always good to have a chance when it’s cold.

High-quality plus size lounge clothing:
Yoek loungewear has the quality you’re used to. They are made collect from soft fabrics with elastic and a wider fit for a comfortable, comfortable fit. The garments in the Yoek loungewear collection are perfect for hanging on the sofa or as basics. A comfortable, basic, plus-size wardrobe is essential. Our guest blogger Jolanda was happy to explain how to turn your home outfit into a complete outdoor outfit.

Cardigan rib lounge
Cardigan rib LOUNGE
  • €139.90

Ease into comfort with this mini rib-knit cardigan. They made the cardigan of acrylic material that feels light and warm on the skin. A cape collar and ribbed edges.

The model is 177 cm tall and is wearing a size 42/44.

14.Beauty and Accessories

Beauty and Accessories

Accessories and fashion items. It’s understood as those items or products that make up the appearance and personal style of one or more people. The fashion industry has been one of the fastest-growing industries. It will continue to be at the forefront as the world’s population increases and the quest for good looks. Hence, people will crave the best fashion accessories to make them look attractive to everyone around them.

  • £68.58

By adding accessories, you can transform your gear into something special. For example, this beautiful cape is made from sustainable chiffon and printed in our summer shell designs. The scarf is rectangular.

The model is 177 cm tall and is wearing a size 42/44.

15.Party Boutique

Party Boutique

Weddings, parties, and cocktail parties require boutique dresses. Every woman should have a formal dress or two in her wardrobe because you never know when you’ll need it. There are plenty of online and boutique shops selling fine dresses in the mall. But how do you choose the best one?

Dress beaded v-neck DOLCE
  • £150.22

Sleeveless dress in dolce material for unlimited layering. The design features a wide fit and wide shoulder straps.

The model is 177 cm tall and is wearing a size 42/44.

10% additional discount on Outlet items
Additional 10% discount on our outlet category when using Couponcode “YoekOutlet” upon checkout.
Buying a product from our outlet. Yoek.co.uk/outletplus-size womens clothing

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£ 12,76 reduction on the first purchase.
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A good first tip is to buy a boutique dress that can be worn more than once. Formal gatherings also happen a few times in your life. This will also help you save money. You can even buy a dress that you can wear over and over without your friends noticing. The trick is customisation. Wear a different necklace or bracelet, or cover your skirt with a shawl the next time you wear it. That way, you’ll create a fresh look every time. You won’t even have to worry about looking the same in the picture. Stick to boutique dresses in safe colours like brown and black.

Dress ruffled lace plus-size womens clothing
Dress ruffled LACE
  • £193.13

Such a dazzling piece is this delicate lace gown, buttoned at the front and gathered at the hem. There is a spaghetti strap dress underneath the lace dress.

The model is 177 cm tall and is wearing a size 42/44.


Blouse-dress DAISY
  • List Price: £167.38
  • SALE Price: £83.69

Blue skies and fields of blooming flowers, these are the ideal settings to walk around in this dress. Made from lightweight material, it covered this classic piece in luscious daisies and has buttons on the front.

The model is 177 cm tall and is wearing a size 42/44.

Dress frilled DAISY
  • List Price: £154.52
  • SALE Price: £77.21

Our lovely daisy dresses are perfect for any sunny day, but even more so for a tea party. Made from lightweight, breathable fabric, this sweet piece has a ruffled hem and gold-tone buttons at the neckline.

The model is 177 cm tall and is wearing a size 42/44.

Singlet A-line DAISY
  • List Price: £120.09
  • SALE Price: £60.04

Hello Miss Sunshine! This cute and fresh daisy tee will charm you. It has flattering wide shoulder straps, A-line cut, and a comfortable ruched back.

The model is 177 cm tall and is wearing a size 42/44.