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Yoek UK plus-size womens clothing



Plus size tunics for every occasion:
A stylish gown for curvy ladies. You’re looking for a glamorous tunic for a night out or a cosy Sunday. Yoek has you covered. There are many oversized tunics for different occasions, from festive and dressy to more casual and sporty styles. We offer linen tunics and shirts for the hottest days of summer. As an elegant tunic for dinner parties or parties. You can find the prettiest gowns online at Yoek!

Tunics with prints and details or basic tunics:
Yoek offers oversized tunics in sizes 38 to 60 with colourful prints, patterns, and beautifully embroidered details. Or embellished with sequins and sparkling gems. In addition, there are elegant gowns in plain black or dark blue with simple designs. Consistent quality. Yoek is comfortable to wear and fits all body types.

Combine plus size tunics:
What’s the best way to incorporate a Yoek robe? Because our tunics are longer, they fit all body types and are perfect with leggings or relaxed skinny jeans. Some tunic suits are too long for sufficient to be put on with bodysuits or exposed legs this summer. You can also wear our summer beach tops over your swimsuit and your favourite sandals.


Tunic V paillet
Tunic wide bottom JADE
Tunic ruffles MAUDE

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