Samsung Phones Mobile The Best Of Its Kind Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus
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You won’t find a bigger, better Android phone for the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus. Thanks to its larger 6.2-inch curved screen and a dual-lens camera that overcomes the light. It’s the S8 Plus last year but corrects the alignment of the fingerprint sensor. The latest aligns the center back, and the speaker now stereo. But, the new AR emoji model overrated and its higher price is hard to prove. This applies to users who want the largest screen and the best camera on their phones.

Besides the new Samsung Galaxy Note 9, the Galaxy S9 Plus is the largest and most advanced Samsung. Because of its large screen and even everything to equate with the S8 Plus last year’s superb camera phone. It is the best Samsung phone. In fact, after a year of launch, still the best in our list of the best mobile phones.

There are no major changes to the design, it’s an iterative update to the S8 Plus. But it’s an iterative update of the Android phone, ranking a year on our list of the best phones. It is important to remember.

We have been testing the Galaxy S9 Plus for a few months. Its low-light and large-screen photos are two highlights. It’s still a great curve 6.2 “Samsung unlimited screen. More expensive to sell on this phone than the 5.8-inch Galaxy S9. But both phones have an improved 12MP camera with the greatest aperture of 1.5.

Samsung Phones Mobile The Best Of Its Kind Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

This the first camera phone with such a wide aperture which provides low light power for the S9 and S9 Plus. Avoiding the advanced noise of our best Google Pixel 3 camera. Most times for mobile phones and with the new LG G7 ThinQ for AI cameras.

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The S9 Plus has a dual-lens rear camera that has the same telephoto role. As the earlier year’s Note 8 (a lens on the back of the S9). If you are interested in video, your main lens can shoot super slow-motion video at 960 frames per second. If you are not interested, use your 8 MP front camera to paint accessories and emoji AR masks. This is Samsung’s transition to Apple’s Animoji, but don’t be too excited. Unlike the rest of the phone, impressive.

Samsung has heard negative comments about last year’s mobile phones. Moved its later fingerprint sensors to a center-aligned position. This is a more natural place. Although you may not even need it because of the facial release and iris scanning on the ship while it works. By addressing another flaw in the S8 Plus. Samsung introduced the stereo phone’s signature speakers for superior sound quality.

If you want to emphasize stereo speakers, face unlocking. AR emoji and stacked dual 12 MP cameras, as if they were Samsung iPhone X features, you are right.

Phones Mobile The Best Of Its Kind Samsung

The S9 Plus tries to match everything Apple can do. But the screen size is larger (at least until the iPhone XS Max arrives) and the 3.5mm headphone jack. It exceeds the Google Pixel 2 XL in low-light scenarios. In low-light scenes, the night program of Huawei P20 Pro surpasses it.

SAMSUNG Galaxy S9 Plus LTE, 64GB

REVIEW: Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

Apple and Google phones are not the fiercest competition for S9 Plus, they are Samsung phones. The cheaper Galaxy S8 Plus is now an incremental downgrade. Perfect for those who frustrated by the high price of the S9 Plus. While the Galaxy Note 9 is perfect for S Pens and larger screens.

The Design

  • Samsung’s elegant glass and metal smartphone design returns
  • Small change: they align the rear fingerprint sensor with the center; stereo speakers
  • You won’t notice the variation the size of the S8 Plus.

The Galaxy S9 Plus is a smartphone, and you can buy the most elegant look. Thanks to Samsung’s continuation of the design spirit. They combine two glass panels and a metal frame. It doesn’t similar to the S8 Plus. But it doesn’t matter unless it’s updated each year and needs to a fresh update.

Samsung has made minor changes behind their new phones, but it’s important. You will find the fingerprint sensor on the back again, but now it aligned in the center below the camera. The S8 Plus has an awkward scrolling scanner near the camera. Making it difficult to unlock the phone without spoiling the camera lens. An improvement although we found fingerprint sensors smaller than most other Android phones.

Phones Mobile The Best Of Its Kind Samsung

You can choose one of five colors, including this year’s lilac violet. Other S9 color options at the time of release include Midnight Black and Coral Blue in the United States. The United Kingdom and Europe; other countries have titanium gray tone. The new Sunrise Gold color launched in the United States.

Although we cleaned up between the photos. Our midnight black comment unit has messed up the fingerprints. This idea another reason to invest in an elegant case for the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus.

That’s on design: you won’t notice everything else with the look of the S9 Plus. The size has changed by a few millimeters to reduce the top and bottom borders. It makes the phone shorter than the S8 Plus, but still a large phone.

The Display

  • Curved Screen Quad HD Plus Super AMOLED 6.2-inch.
  • The phone front is now 90% on the screen.
  • Here no fingerprint sensor on the screen.

The Samsung 6.2-inch screen on the Galaxy S9 Plus is as wide as possible. It didn’t change the company’s earlier Infinity screen, but still, a fantastic screen which good for us.

Its height to width ratio of 18.5:9 sets the standard for every on-screen smartphone. Can display Quad HD plus resolution but still looks great with the default Full HD 1080p. Blends futuristic curved edges with vibrant colors, high contrast to make stand out.

We appreciate that Samsung has created a screen that accounts for 90% of the front end of the S9 Plus. This idea of a small bevel with no grooves, which makes you consider a large fine beam in your hand.

Phones Mobile The Best Of Its Kind Samsung

The decorative beam is prone to occasional false touches. Because of combine curved screens and our firm control of such a large phone. It’s not fun to see the text message disappear. Because our little finger is at the backspace key. (near the edge) while trying to grab this huge 6.2-inch screen.

No fingerprint sensor on the screen. It can save this highlight for the Galaxy S10, but if you can’t wait that long. Your other phones OnePlus 6T are there.

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