Since science found, computers one of the greatest inventions of mankind. Its development results from years of long-term experiments, spanned a hundred years, not only by one person but many. Today, develop computers is an ongoing manner. Computers, no matter how simple they saw now, have a complex network for those who can read and write. Both computer research and electronics need multiple disciplines to understand them. The computer itself subdivided into branches just science itself.

Although other technical inventions may have developed before establishing science, “technology” is still not suitable for this purpose. The word technology always related to science. Science and technology are inclusive and speaking terms. Today’s computers, no matter how advanced they look, they originate from the origins of the original.

People Dependent On Computers Than Before?

How did the computer start?
According to records, they have estimated the abacus. It’s the efficient method of the calculator to be 500 to 1000 B.C. and civilized since its start. Computers, used just in different parts of the world. They base how computer algorithms do his arithmetic at the time on such logic. Soon after, in 1820, Charles Babbage’s incarnation dubbed one father of modern computers. Developed ideas on how computer made their calculations, called differential machines, which later evolved into the so-called analysis engine. Although they base Charles Babbage, due on his youngest son, Henry Babbage, whom he did in 1910. But, this primitive form of the computer not advanced, we see it on today’s computers.

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Calculations need to do on their behalf, so the term “computer” stems from the need to negotiate with complex problems. Complex calculations that are difficult and need more time to handle them. The era of industrialization and the computers great demand. Computer act is what in the computer library.

Develop of computers has grown much because it laid the foundation for Charles Babbage. Because the “technology” that existed in his time inspired him. People used computer important in their daily life. Ada Lovelace, Konrad Zuse, Alan Turing, John Atanasoff and Clifford Berry. Howard Aiken and Grace Hopper, William Gates’ current computer giant’s name. Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs, today’s computers have features that go beyond their size in business and personal. Everyone uses a computer has a place in personal life.

Dependent On Computers

How do people use the computer in their daily lives?
Today’s computers lay the foundation for us fulfill our duties today. More efficient and can work less time. From simple home entertainment, such as playing games or running multimedia programs, office work, developing harder programs. Two more complex calculations, such as computer done at NASA, computers make of this possible, everything in one box. The company achieves a result longer, now with a computer they receive in a shorter time.

Do People Today Much Dependent On Computers Than Before?

The computer that controls the world
In addition, one of the most popular uses of a computer is the Internet. The trend of telephone and telegraph has become the Internet and is on a global scale. Now, computers occupy the world.
Although first used for military objectives and computer development, the Internet used today worldwide. Together with different ways, the Internet has made communications throughout the world possible. Which has produced communication tools such as social networks? Today, billions of people use the computer with the Internet every day.

Are we too dependent on computers?
Since starting the computer age, we relied on computers related the Internet, given the age of the information we are. This dependence was in good faith, to keep up with the demands of progress within efficiency and speed. The work required done through a computer as our help and tools. Only when we own a computer, we can achieve complex work. 

Dependent On Computers

But, people should ask whether this dependence good for us. If, this technology called computer and everything you can do taken from us. What happens? So what? A dangerous addiction, dependence on computers outside our needs and temperance can be detrimental to us and our users. The ideal tool for tyrants. Although out of context, not the case. In fact, we are as capable as our ancestors without computers.

It is at the expense of our efficiency and ease of use of the computer. These are not abandonment statements of a computer because we know and use them. If we woke up to whom the idea without a computer, who are without their ancestors. We are not worthless without a computer. We can’t, but only we don’t have a complicated computer such a computer. But don’t a fool, we are the ones who make computers. We are still better than these machines as human beings. 

Our question now, are we too dependent on the computer? The answer we are in the wrong use and discretion. The way we use the computer as the technology in our daily lives affects how we use and for what purpose. Is this for the common good? Is this good? In fact, we can answer these questions as users themselves. 

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People Today Too Much Dependent On The Computers Unlike Before

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Dependent On Computers

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