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How to Use, Understand Photoshop’s Color Modes

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Understanding Photoshop’s Color Modes and How to Use Them

The color modes and color models used in digital imaging a mystery too much on first Photoshop learning.

Many intimidated by the various color modes they ignore the issue. Because they don’t understand the impact of color modes have on the final printed image.

Color modes decide the color model that should display and print digital pictures.

Anyone serious about professional quality digital imaging should learn the color modes and models and how to apply them in Photoshop.

The special color mode is best for particular applications. Most good Photoshop tutorials and training aids will teach the user how and when to use which color mode for the best results depending on the particular project.

Before you work with the color mode in Photoshop. One must have a basic understanding of what the color mode is and why having different models.

Digital images displayed using several color modes. The following are the main basic color modes you will meet when working with digital images.


RGB stands re Red Green and Blue. In the RGB color, tone colors created by mixing these three primary colors. You are working in three color channels in RBG quality and you can adjust the intensity of each channel to get various degrees of colors. White got by combining the three colors.


CMYK is for cyan, magenta, yellow and black. While RGB creates colors by mixing colors CMYK creates color by subtracting varying degrees of each color. For example, if white needed whole colors could reduce to zero.

Learning the color mode will cause big improvements in your digital imaging work. Printers use CMYK color while monitors use RGB.

Sometimes a disparity in what you see on your PC check and what you see on paper. There is now software you can install which will calibrate your check colors with your printer. So what you view on your monitor is what you get when you print.

How to Use, Understand Photoshop’s Color Modes


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Canvas Image Size

The color mode or image mode determines the combination of colors based on the number of channels in the color model. Different color modes result in different color details and file sizes. For example, use CMYK color mode for images in a full-color printed manual, and use RGB color mode for web page images or email to reduce file size and maintain color integrity.

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